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ESL Vision is a one of the few prominent pioneers in the field of electron-stimulated luminescence (ESL) light bulbs and fixtures. With their innovative practices of developing and distributing superior energy efficient products, they are paving the way for us and coming generations to experience energy-efficiency at an economic cost. As a company, it is daring in its approach to deliver high-quality ESL lighting. It shows that not only is the future coming; it is here, shining and glimmering right in front of you. And you don't want to be blind to it.

So, why should you, dear reader, want to spend your time learning about this?

Here are three reasons:

ESL Vision can help you save money & your planet.

ESL Vision can help your health & saves you time.

ESL Vision can help your safety.

To put it simply, this company is one of the ways you can make your life a whole lot easier. And feel good about it, too.

How ESL Vision products save you money and benefit the environment:

Products from ESL Vision require less energy to run on compared to conventional appliances. This reduction in energy usage directly translates to a reduction of your energy bill. This means that you can spend more money on yourself. Whatever you want to do, you'll feel good about it thanks to ESL Vision.

And the environment will thank you, too. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tells us that energy efficiency is achieved by reducing quantity of fuel needed to produce electricity and by reducing greenhouse gas levels and pollutants. With how ESL Vision products use less energy than other appliances, you'll be able to pat yourself on the back as you think about what a good person you are.

How ESL Vision Helps Your Health & Saves You time:

ESL products don't require a unique kind of recycling like fluorescent/CFL bulbs do. ESL Vision distributes exceptional LED products that are only here for your benefit.

Their newest arrival to their impressive line-up, for example, is the Optus Series. This is a residential recessed can light that is splendidly marketed as being "9 lights in 1." These offer greater all-around lighting, especially when in comparison to the competition. Its construction consists of a recessed bevel with frosted lens. They are suitable to be used in both IC and Non-IC applications. They are Energy Star listed, as well, and have a rated life of over 50,000 hours.

The Optus Series is one of their numerous products that are also extremely beneficial for people with light sensitivities. People who have light sensitivity can experience anything from distressing, but mild headaches to painful migraines. In fact, places like business offices are notorious for having defective fluorescent lighting, which eventually give off that blinking/flickering effect. These same kinds of lights can trigger a seizure in someone who has the condition of photosensitive epilepsy.

Additionally, in their roster is the DSK, the disk downlight. With its lumen output of up to 650 Lumens, and its efficacy (lm/W) of up to 65 Lumens per Watt, the DSK is designed to assist in making superior quality of artificial lighting.

The company can also save you time with their catalogue of rapid-installation products, namely their T8 LED Tubes (Ti Series). The Ti Series has all the ease of installation without the hassle. These are efficient in delivering the high quality of energy, by connecting directly to the DC line from the driver, and producing up to 130 Lumens per Watt. Because of its glass-free, vibration and impact resistant frame, as well as it’s projected life of 80,000 hours, it is guaranteed to last you for quite a while. 

How ESL Vision Helps Your Safety:

In addition, good LED lighting is incredibly integral to our everyday lives, especially in emergencies. ESL Vision can provide the necessity of good lighting. One of the new shining stars from the ESL Vision company is the High Output Flood Lights (HOFL) Series. As the company puts it, the HOFL Series is for those "big areas [that] need big light." They offer a range of both wattages and color temperatures to suit your needs.

Flood lights are especially essential in times of harsh weather. These can be used as the exterior lighting of storm shelters, guiding people on the outside to protected spaces.  

Similarly, the Nova Series area lights provide brightness and illumination when the moment matters most. Both the HOFL Series and the Nova Series can be additionally used for parking lots. Whether you're getting off work, or coming from a trip to the store, your safety is paramount. You deserve to know who or what is around you wherever you may be. Thus, you need the most vibrant type of lighting for peace of mind. This is where the HOFL Series comes in.

Flood lights are most importantly necessary in high-occupancy areas such as airports, industrial areas and sports venues. In these locations, the exits need to be illuminated and clearly visible, especially in cases of emergencies. In this case, the best type of lighting for you to have in your arsenal would be their Cobb Lamps. These lamps are excellent for use in high walkway outdoor applications, and emit first-rate illumination output wherever they are placed.

ESL Vision is also a notable distributor of emergency drivers. These are great in preparation for an unexpected loss of power. Among their collection is a variety of AC and DC EMG Drivers. The DC applications can go with troffers, panels, type C linear tubes, and any fixtures with accessible drivers. The AC applications can go with recessed commercial cans, line voltage LED tubes, PL lamps, and omnidirectional lamps.

And luckily, the company also has MURs (Multi-use retrofit kits) that are superb for a multitude of lights and fixtures: streetlights, area lights, garage lights, shoebox fixtures, and a plethora of more.

How Can You Buy:

If you live within the state of Georgia, you can find an ESL Vision vendor on the Glenn Associates Sales ( website. If you live outside of the state of Georgia, you can find the vendor for your state right here (

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