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Discover a wide selection of wire lugs ("cable shoes") that are well suited for a variety of applications. HomElectrical offers lugs for both copper and aluminum wiring as well as cable lugs and cable crimping tools. Find what you need for your next installation or repair with HomElectrical.

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What is a 3-Port Lug (2-Port Lug)?

A lug with 3 (or 2) ports. It was designed as a safe way to repair aluminum wire. It keeps wires from making contact with one another.

What is a Cable Lug (Cable Shoes)?

A cable lug allows cables to be attached to other items (appliances, mechanisms, etc.), including other cables. They can sometimes be called "terminal ends" or "cable shoes."

Attaching or removing cable shoes can result in damage to yourself or the item being repaired if done incorrectly. When in doubt, consult with a professional.

What are Crimp-On Solder Lugs?

Lugs that don't require soldering for a connection to be established. The lugs are compressed onto the wire in order to hold it in place. This helps reduce the amount of time and work is takes to establish a good electrical connection.

What are Solder Lugs?

Solder lugs are different from your standard wire lug because the wire is soldered onto the lug. This takes more time and work to do, but still results in an excellent electrical connection.

What Size Wire Lug Do I Need?

The size or diameter of the wire that you are using will determine how big your wire lug needs to be.

What is a Studhole?

A studhole is the pierced hole located on a terminal or lug. It is used to connect the power or grounding source by a nut and bolt to the lug for conduction.

What is a Wire Lug?

Wire lug connectors are electrical connectors that incorporate a wire crimp connection and a bolted studhole. They slide on the ends of wires to make connections with circuits. The highly conductive copper, brass, and aluminum materials of the wire lugs offer the best possible connections in panels and switchboards.
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