Electrical Tape

Electrical tape is a pressure-sensitive tape that is used to insulate electrical material that conducts electricity. At HomElectrical, all of our electrical tape is UL listed, meaning that they are certified to inhibit combustion and will not sustain a fire without an external ignition source. Be sure to browse through all of our different types and colors to choose the proper electrical tape for your application.

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What Do Electrical Tape Colors Mean?

Each Electrical Tape has a specific use as well as a specific color. Each Color will refer to its specific use. Black Electrical Tape is the most common Electrical Tape used for sealing and grounding unused electrical currents or wires. It is always best to cap or plug a wire no longer in use in addition to wrapping the cap with electrical tape.

What are Glass Cloth Tapes Used For?

Glass Cloth tapes are made with woven fiberglass backing. General Purpose Glass Cloth Tape usually feature a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive that is used for applications requiring high-temperature resistance and/or high adhesion. It is often used for high temperature applications requiring high tensile strength and good holding power.

What is Liquid Electrical Tape?

Liquid Electrical Tape provides a waterproof seal that is formulated to be resistant to chemicals, solvents, saltwater, and many other elements that may degrade or deteriorate the PVC Electrical tape over time. Liquid Electrical Tape is a fast drying and unraveling alternative to standard Black Electrical Tape.

Is Electrical Tape Toxic?

Typically electrical tape is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). When burned PVC emits extremely toxic gasses and can be harmful is ingested. PVC for the most part has been banned from being used in things like toys or utensils in most countries including the United States because of potential harmful agents from the plastic.

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