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What is the use of a wall plate?

A wall plate cover or light switch cover is the external plate or covering on an electrical light switch.  The light switch cover screws into the light switch and protects the wiring behind the plate from being touched so that only the light switch toggle protrudes to turn the light on and off.

What is a Blank Wall Plate used for?

A Blank wall plate or blank light switch cover easily removes safety concerns from unused outlets without having to remove the outlet box completely.  It fastens directly to the frame of the outlet covering the hole without adding costly drywall patching while still preserving the wall’s integrity.

Can you Paint wall plate covers?

Both plastic and Metal Wall plate covers can be painted to match the wall or to match the outlets. Make sure to turn the power to the outlet off and remove the plate covers to avoid electrical shock and getting paint into the outlet as well.

What is a Safe Plate Switch Cover?

A Safe Plate Wall Plate (also called Child Proof Wall Plate Cover) is an easy and decorative way to add extra protection for children that might accidentally tamper with electrical outlets.  Safe Plate Covers instantly fall into the place when you remove a plug from an outlet or fold down over the light switch instantly when you turn the lights on or off.

What is a Gang?

A gang is a set of switches, sockets, or other electrical or mechanical devices grouped together. A gang, however, does not always refer to the number of openings in a wall plate. A wall plate, for example, can hold two duplex receptacles and be categorized as a two-gang.

What are the types of wall plate materials?

Plastic Wall Plates:

Thermoset: Rigid, sturdy thermoset plastic wall plates stand the test of time and stay stiff instead of bending. They withstand and resist high operating temperatures, corrosion, and chemicals. If your environment poses a challenge to certain materials, choose a thermoset wall plate.

Nylon: Nylon plastic wall plates’ extra flexibility adds resistance to impacts, abrasion, and fading, while withstanding rough use without cracking. Nylon wall plates are ideal for high traffic and high moisture areas, making them virtually unbreakable.

Polycarbonate: Thicker than nylon wall plates, polycarbonate plastic wall plates resist fading or warping due to UV light and humidity, ideal for high moisture and traffic. In a high humidity area, polycarbonate wall plates make for an ideal choice.

Metal Wall Plates:

Stainless Steel: Like plastic wall plates, stainless steel withstands heavy use. The smooth surface makes these wall plates easy to clean. In addition, their round edges prevent wall damage and dust build up. This protects your wirings from turning to a fire hazards. If you want to paint over your wall plate, stainless steel is the way to go.

Brass: These wall plates resist corrosion and premature oxidation. They work well with yellow, brown, and cream paint. Brass provides an antique look for restoring older buildings.

Copper: Antimicrobial copper wall plates kill bacteria, making these an ideal option for healthcare facilities and schools where bacteria is easily spread.

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