CyberTech Lighting LED Vapor Tight Fixture

For outdoor or industrial environments that have exposure to water or other harsh elements, CyberTech’s vapor tight fixtures are the perfect lighting solution. Get your CyberTech vapor tight fixtures from HomElectrical today!

What is a vapor tight fixture?

Vapor tight fixtures, also called “wet location” fixtures, are specifically designed to operate in environments where there is a high likelihood of water, humidity, and dust exposure. Their fixtures are sealed and gasketed to protect against the elements, making them ideal for outdoor and industrial applications. They typically have more durable construction of reinforced fiberglass or polycarbonate.

Where are vapor tight fixtures used?

Vapor tight fixtures are used in any environment that has high exposure to water or other potentially harmful elements. They are usually mounted on ceilings, soffits, and walls, either outdoors or in commercial or industrial buildings. Spaces like food processing plants, industrial freezers, and garages are all likely to require vapor tight fixtures to prevent damage from things like condensation, dust, chemicals, and water. Vapor tight fixtures eliminate the need for excessive and expensive maintenance.

What are the benefits of vapor tight lighting?

There are three main benefits of LED vapor tight lighting:

  1. Saves Energy: LED vapor tight lights have a 40-60% reduction in energy consumption compared to fluorescent vapor tight lights. This makes them less expensive to operate over a long period of time.
  2. Lower Maintenance: Because vapor tight fixtures are designed to be durable and resistant to damage, they rarely require maintenance or repair.
  3. Lighting Performance: LED lights offer a much more even light distribution as well as wider variations in color temperature.
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