Boardwalk Mop Heads

Boardwalk is a manufacturer of a large collection of products to help their customers clean and dispose of any messes. Their mop heads are just one of the many solutions that they provide to help you. These mop heads come in a wide variety of styles and materials including: cut end mops, loop end mops, rayon blend, cotton, and more. Venture through our selection of Boardwalk mop heads for your janitorial services at HomElectrical.

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Which mop is best?

  • Cut End- this is the most basic type of mop and is the most inexpensive. They are generally disposable and are more absorbent than loop end mops. These type of mops are not launderable and only cover a small surface.
  • Looped End-these mops are able to clean large areas very quickly and are much more durable than cut end mops. The looped end reduces unraveling and linting.

What are mop heads made out of?

Mop heads from Boardwalk are generally made out of cotton because of their high absorbency and their ability to be disposable. They can also be made out of a rayon blend which is more specifically designed for general purpose cleaning. This type of fabric is able to resist mildew and is going to have a higher life expectancy compared to cotton.
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