The Benefits and Capabilities of Smart Lighting

By danielle_abram on 04/09/2018

Smart Light Related Benefits

Smart light bulbs are the upcoming trend when it comes to lighting streets, a home, or a commercial building. Not only are smart lights, such as LED lights, energy efficient, but they are useful for adjusting the light intensity based on personal preference, what activity you are doing, or can change automatically throughout the day.

Smart Phone Controls LED BulbThese lights can be controlled from a smart phone, tablet, or computer for the easiest and most convenient use. There are four major benefits that smart lights and LED light bulbs can provide, including improving sleep, saving money, maximizing security, and decorating!


Range of Lamp Color TemperaturesSmart bulbs are extremely beneficial for helping you fall asleep at night and waking up in the morning. With many smart lighting systems, you can program your light to dim to a warmer color temperature when you are going to sleep, and have the opposite effect set with your alarm in the morning so the light change won’t be startling. The gradual reduction of light helps produce melatonin which helps suppress depression, cancer, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and helps you fall asleep.

Night Mode Difference on iPhoneApple already has the Night Mode option available so that you aren’t straining your eyes before you go to sleep. A bright color temperature isn’t good before sleep, so the Night Mode option takes out the blue illumination from the lighting which is better on your eyes.


$ave Money

Smart lights are highly energy efficient and cost efficient. Some smart bulbs are 80% more efficient than incandescent bulbs, and switching to smart lighting could save 40% of lighting energy usage.


Street Light Sensor

Street lights contribute a lot to this energy efficient statistic because they are constantly using energy. With motion sensors, this will help reduce energy being put out because the lights won’t constantly be on but will only work when a car or person goes by.

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Maximize Security

Colorful LED Home LightingSmart lighting systems help maximize security by controlling your lights through an internet connection. When away on vacation, you can turn on a light in the house to make it look like someone is there so that others don’t think the house has been abandoned.


The advantage of being able to control your lights from a distance, or while on vacation, is also helpful because you can check to see if you left any lights on before you left and can turn them off through your app. This will also help you save money by not leaving the lights on that you may have forgotten.


Colorful LED Indoor LightingNow, smart lights are used as an eco-friendly option, but are also used for decorating and bringing attraction to a building or room. A lot of smart lights, including lamps, strip lights, Phillip hue smart lighting bulbs, and more LED bulbs, are used to help set a mood in a room or to attract onlookers. You can change the color of the bulbs in your house to match a theme or setting, or buildings can use their bright colors to attract tourists or just someone walking by.

Smart light bulbs are a great asset to have. Save more energy and lower your energy costs by owning your own smart lights!


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