Atosa Display Freezer

Atosa makes display freezers for displaying your food and beverages in a commercial kitchen or restaurant space. These freezers have clear glass doors that allow for an unobstructed view to the stored food items. Shop HomElectrical for a display freezer to fit your needs today.

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What are Atosa Display freezers?

Atosa display freezers feature glass doors that allow for clear lines of sight to the items being stored. Display freezers cut down on the amount of time that the doors are open, saving on energy usage. They come in 1-,2-, and 3-door varieties to suit any size establishment.

What certifications do Atosa freezing products have?

These Atosa freezing units are NSF certified for sanitation safety standards and ETL Listed for their safety. They are guaranteed to be safe and accurately temperature-controlled units for use in any kitchen.

Where can I use Atosa display freezing units?

Display freezers are ideal for displaying products at your restaurant, bakery or deli with plenty of space and adjustable shelving for customizable options.

What sets Atosa products apart?

Atosa products are crafted with high quality stainless steel to last long-term in restaurant kitchens with both safety and sanitation standards in mind.

Which freezing unit do I need?

A display freezer gives you ample space to store your food. There are adjustable shelves to display your food and frozen products for sale in your commercial space.
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