Ansell Ambidextrous Gloves

Keep the line moving when you are in a rush. Ambidextrous gloves are able to fit on either hand so you can go to work right away and not go back because you picked up two left handed gloves. These are especially great for those who are working in the electrical industry as they won't conduct a current. However, these gloves have also been known to cause hand injuries and not fit well. So make sure that the gloves are fitting comfortably and if not remove them. Uncover the work gloves that will be comfortable and provide the protection you need at HomElectrical.

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What are Ambidextrous Gloves used for?

These ambidextrous nitrilite gloves are perfect for when there are a lot of people who need gloves and they are in a rush.
  • Able to fit on either hand
  • Won't conduct electricity
  • Can cause injuries
  • May not fit smoothly
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