5 Ways to Modernize Your Home with Recessed Lighting

The lighting in your home can either make or break your decor. Recessed lighting is an awesome way to remedy decorative lighting issues that can come with furnishing your new home. Light fixtures that are installed into a ceiling hollow opening are considered recessed. Recessed lighting products were initially developed in the late 1940s and commonly used in older townhomes. Now, the fixtures are often utilized in modern spaces. The ideal contemporary space usually includes spaciousness, tons of opportunity for customization, and lastly (but certainly not least) a lot of light. Depending on the floor plan the abundance of light could come from your windows or from your lighting fixture choices.

Recessed lighting is a great way to brighten up your space and showcase areas that could otherwise go unnoticed! Check out these lighting hats to brighten up your home!


Wash the Walls With Light

Wall washers are fixtures that wash the wall with light by emitting the light downward towards the floor giving off an illuminating effect. Wall washers are most often used in a series to spread light from the surface throughout the space. By doing so, visitors notice the wall rather than the fixture itself. Check out our wall washers for the perfect brightening effect!

Spotlight Objects

Spotlighting is a great way to showcase specific aspects of your home. Even grid lighting can take away from your home decor. Unlike wall washers, spotlights are beam- narrowing directional lighting. Spotlighting can be especially effective in bathrooms because the light is able to bounce off the fiberglass of your tubs and countertops.

Use Dimmers

Not only does the use of dimmers on LED lighting save energy, it also can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home. Being able to adjust the intensity of aerial lighting is imperative, especially when it comes to entertaining guests. One benefit of installing dimmers is that using them can help to extend the life of your bulbs. Don't forget to take a look at our cost effective dimmers!

Choosing the Right Trim Style

Think of the trimming as clothing for your recessed lighting. The beauty of recessed lighting is the many trims it has to offer. Choosing the right trim can make even the most unappealing of lighting appear alluring.

Bulb Temperature

LED bulbs don't have a ton of consistency when it comes to temperature. As a matter of fact, the varied temperatures can sometimes be visible to the naked eye when illuminated. For residential installation, it is recommended that the warmest LED bulb available be used as it is closest to what incandescent lighting emits.

Watt Did You Think?

Keep up with us! Let us know how you're going to implement these lighting hacks in your home decor.

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