What Kind of Outdoor Security Light Do I Need?

By Tyler Karstensen on 05/24/2019

Security Flood Light Features

Motion Sensor Lighting

Light fixtures with motion detectors turn on automatically when an object passes by. The sensors detect infrared rays, those emitted by heat, coming from moving objects and can stay on anywhere from 1-20 minutes.

Motion Detecting lights are great for your security and safety. Just attach the fixture above your garage so you can see at any time of the night, they will deter criminals as well.

Look into an LED security light for increased energy savings!

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Dusk-to-Dawn Lighting

Dusk-to-dawn fixtures use a photocell for power. The photocell detects natural light and will turn the lights on after the sun goes down and will turn back off when the sun rises.

Light sensitive fixtures are generally inexpensive and widely available, while still providing optimal output and energy efficiency. 

Browse our LED solar security lights for your outdoor lighting needs! 

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What to Look for in A Security Flood Light


Lumens are a measurement of a bulb’s brightness. More lumens mean a brighter light, so pick an output that suits your lighting needs. A low lumen output is beneficial if you just need a little light when your getting home late. A high lumen output is useful for extra security, detering any animals or intruders with a bright light.


Mounting Options

There are several options for mounting a flood light. Light weight mounts can be made of PVC and typically used with smaller, less durable fixtures. Heavy duty mounts usually come in aluminum and steel and used for larger fixtures.

Security flood lights also come with a variety of mounting option including; flush mount brackets, radial arms, and posts. Make sure to choose the proper brackets for your specific application.

Fixture Shape

Flood lights come in 2 major shapes, round and rectangular. Rectangular flood lights are typically used for security because their elongated shape provides a wide beam angle. The round flood lights have more commercial uses, but they still make a great home security light. Round flood lights offer a larger selection of beam angles including; narrow, almost spotlight, and wide angle.


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