What Kind of Flood Security Lights Do I Need?

Outdoor security flood lighting is an essential part of keeping your home safe and secure. Choosing the right outdoor flood security light for your home can be overwhelming due to the many options available.

This guide helps you choose the best outdoor security lighting for your needs.

Security Flood Light Features

Motion Sensor Lighting

LED flood lights with motion sensors activate when they detect heat from moving objects like people, animals, or cars. When motion is detected, the lights turn on and light up the area for 1 to 20 minutes, depending on their settings.

This feature improves security by deterring intruders and makes night walking safer by providing light. For maximum effectiveness, consider installing motion detecting lights above your garage or near entryways.

NaturaLED Rectangular Flood Light
Nuvo Security Light

Dusk-to-Dawn Lighting

Dusk-to-dawn flood security lights use a photocell to automatically adjust the light based on natural light conditions. They automatically turn on at sunset and off at sunrise, lighting your outdoor areas when needed without manual effort.

Light sensitive fixtures are generally inexpensive and widely available, while still providing optimal output and energy efficiency. Browse our LED solar security lights for your outdoor lighting needs!

ETI Lighting Security Light
Euri Lighting Jelly Jar Light

What to Look for in A Security Flood Light


Lumens are a measurement of an LED outdoor flood bulb’s brightness. More lumens mean a brighter light, so pick an output that suits your lighting needs. A low lumen output is beneficial if you just need a little light when you’re getting home late. A high lumen output is useful for extra security, deterring any animals or intruders with a bright light.

Mounting Options

There are several options for mounting outdoor LED flood lights. Light weight mounts can be made of PVC and typically used with smaller, less durable fixtures. Heavy duty mounts usually come in aluminum and steel and used for larger fixtures.

Security flood lights also come with a variety of mounting options, including:

  • flush mount brackets
  • trunnion mount brackets
  • swivel mount brackets
  • slipfitter mount brackets
  • yoke mount brackets
  • pole arm mount brackets
  • radial arms
  • posts

Make sure to choose the proper brackets for your specific application.

Fixture Shape

Flood led lights come in 2 major shapes, round and rectangular. Rectangular flood lights are typically used for security because their elongated shape provides a wide beam angle. The round flood lights have more commercial uses, but they still make a great home security light. Round flood lights offer a larger selection of beam angles including narrow, spotlight, and wide angle.

Power Sources

Outdoor security lights can either be powered by batteries or connected to your home’s energy system. Each option has its own set of advantages and challenges:

Battery Powered Lights

Battery-powered lights are popular because they are easy to install without the need for professional help. This flexibility means they can be easily moved and adjusted to change your lighting setup as needed.

Additionally, because they run on batteries, these lights won’t add to your electricity bill. However, it’s worth noting that battery powered lights require periodic battery changes. The brightness of these lights can decrease over time as the batteries run out. This requires regular maintenance for the best performance.

Hardwired Lights

Hardwired lights are directly connected to your home’s electrical system. These lights are usually more permanent fixtures, offering a stable and long-term lighting solution. Over time, the brightness of these lights can diminish as the batteries deplete. This means they need regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

Solar Security Lights

Solar security lights introduce an eco-friendly twist to the battery-powered category. They are equipped with a solar panel that converts sunlight to electricity. This creates a sustainable lighting solution that doesn’t add to your electricity bill or require battery changes.

However, solar lights depend heavily on receiving direct sunlight to charge effectively. In regions with frequent cloudy weather, their performance might be compromised, limiting their reliability as a constant light source.

Smart Lighting Integration

Consider examining smart lighting choices that mesh with your home automation setups. Such options enhance safety by enabling remote lighting control or establishing automatic routines for increased tranquility.

For instance, you can set up the LED motion sensor in your outdoor security light to turn on automatically when you lock your doors. This not only saves energy but also assures you that your home is well-lit at night.

In an interconnected home security system you can control your smart lights remotely via your smartphone. This allows you to manage and adjust your outdoor lighting needs on-demand.

At HomElectrical, our experts are here to assist you in the world of security lighting and home automation. HomElectrical can help you choose and install the latest outdoor LED flood lights and smart devices that improve your home and lifestyle.

Protecting your home goes beyond keeping out intruders; it's about making a safe space for you and your family. Let HomElectrical help light the way to a more secure home!

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