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King Innovation Siphon King Jr. Mini Pump
Mini hand-operated fluid intake and discharge transfer system. May be used to transfer liquids, remove water, change oil, siphon gas,...
King Innovation Siphon King 24" Pump w/ 36" Hose
24 inch Siphon King Utility Pump with a 36 inch flexible hose. Quickly and efficiently remove water from valve boxes,...
King Innovation Siphon King 36" Pump w/ 72" Hose
Quickly remove water from areas such as valve boxes, meter pits, and pipe trenches with the Siphon King Utility Pump....
King Innovation Siphon King Pump Assembly Foot
Replacement assembly foot for Siphon King Utility Pumps. Screws on easily for simple replacement. Eliminates problems such as mud/debris buildup,...
King Innovation Siphon King 72" Extension Hose
72 inch flexible hose for Siphon King Utility Pumps. Easy to attach, either as an extension to an existing hose...
King Innovation Siphon King 36" Pump w/ 36" Hose
Utility hand pump rapidly evacuates water from unwanted areas; including valve boxes, meter pits, pipe trenches, and other places water...
King Innovation Siphon King 24" Extension Hose
24 Inch extension for Siphon King utility pumps. Lightweight and self-priming, with a rust/corrosion resistant steel shaft. Strong, durable product...
King Innovation Siphon King Gas Pit Pump Adaptor
Pit pump adaptor connects directly to drip pot to remove standing water quickly and safely. Fitted with standard 3/4 inch...
King Innovation Siphon King Syringe Sucker
Siphon King Syringe Sucker adds versatility and functionality to your Siphon King Utility Pump. Adapter is designed to get into...
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