Work & Trouble Light

HomElectrical’s work and trouble lights are perfect for job sites and other hazardous areas. These heavy duty lights can withstand harsh conditions and rough surfaces, making them perfect for any construction project. Solve your lighting dilemma by shopping for temporary work lights at HomElectrical today!

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Where can I use a work and trouble light?

A trouble light is also known as a service light or a rough service light. Work and trouble lights are intended for use in hazardous areas, such as areas exposed to chemicals or other elements that could pose a health risk.

Does a rotating work light continually rotate, or can it pause?

Rotating trouble lights can continually rotate or pause to make a singular beam. Rotating work and trouble lights include controls to alter light movement and rotation.

When would I use a temporary work and trouble light?

Install temporary work lights on job sites, including construction and home development sites. Unlike permanent work lights, temporary work lights see use for a fixed amount of time before removal and implementation on another job site. 

Which trouble light should I use?

The type of trouble light you need depends on the lighting application you require. Heavy-duty trouble lights are typically AC-powered and are most commonly used in larger work areas. Some work lights are smaller and can run off a battery source. These are sometimes referred to as droplights and are commonly found in workshops and garages because they are portable.

The color temperature (CCT) will decide how warm the lighting appears.

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