Trees Going Green: Providing Sustainable Forest Resources in GA

By shakir_williams on 05/16/2018

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Did you know that out of Georgia's vast acres of land (37 million to be exact), 24.8 million acres is forest land (1)? That’s about 90% of the entire state! Not only does that create and maintain clean air and water quality but helps provide timber for commercial industries, such as construction.

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According to the Georgia Forestry Commission, the industry provides an average of $448 million in state tax revenues each year (3). In addition to boosting the economy, Georgia is number one in tree harvesting in the nation. What a lot of people don’t know is that the majority of Georgia’s forestland is privately owned. Georgia citizens work together to maintain the sustainability of our most vital natural resource, Trees!

The Key to Healthy Eco System

Forests are an essential key to a healthy ecosystem! They work to reduce greenhouse gases and provide us with clean air, clean water, food, wildlife habitats, timber, beauty aesthetics, and so much more! Here a few fun facts about Georgia forests that you may or may not have known:

Georgia forest fun facts

Clean Water

clean water iconTrees help to provide clean water filtration systems, another factor in a healthy ecosystem.  The many streams, rivers, and water canals that flow through Georgia’s forestland help to filter the water.  Downstream water is also great for enrichening the soil, helping to provide food and other resources. 



Clean Air Quality

clean air iconTrees absorb the CO2 and pollutants in the air through photosynthesis.  Trees will filter through the air and release oxygen into the atmosphere.  Due to the immense amount of greenhouse gases that we emit annually from cars, trucks, nd power plants, maintaining the forest is a vital part of healthy environment.


Tree Products
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Look around your house! Look at your desk!  I would bet that something you use on a daily basis was made from a tree.  Today, thousands of common consumer items are made out of tree products.  Many day-to-day products have organic ingredients harvested directly from the tree.  Plywood, pencils, sponges, newspapers, gum, make-up, and even toothpaste have a little tree in them.



sustainability iconWith all the different uses of tree products and tons of wood that is removed for timber each year, one might think Georgia would run out of trees by now. But that’s not the case!  Georgia is completely committed to sustaining its most vital renewable energy source.  Currently, the state grows 19 million tons more wood than is harvested.  This means that Georgia is growing 38% more trees than are being removed.  Today, Georgia has more forests than it did over 75 years ago.

Trees provide so much value to us!  The next time your taking a stroll through the park, and sitting beneath a Southern Live Oak on a hot summer’s day, take the time to thank a tree on #LoveATreeDay


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