Whether you need an electrical measuring instrument just for one purpose or multiple, HomElectrical offers multimeters and voltmeters for all your electrical needs. We offer a variety of meters with varying voltage range, different styles, and classic to unique features.

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Should I choose a multimeter or voltmeter?

This depends on your electrical needs. If you only need a measure of the difference between two points in a circuit, choose a voltmeter. For voltage, current and resistance, choose a multimeter. Multimeters combine multiple functions into one so most people own one out of convenience.

Should this electrical measuring instrument read AC or DC?

These magnetic fields differentiate based on the direction of electrons.

DC – electrons move in a single direction

AC – electrons switch directions

AC runs over larger distances because it provides more power. Power sources like cells and batteries use DC. Both can reach high voltages so choosing a multimeter or voltmeter depends on your needs. Most people prefer their electrical measuring instrument to measure AC voltage or both.

What’s the difference between an analog and digital multimeter/voltmeter?

Both types share the same general purpose of providing an electrical measurement, but the display is the main difference. Digital displays a reading on an LED or LCD screen. Analog uses a needle on a scale to display readings.

Many people assume digital is always best but that’s not always the case. Digital displays eliminate the guesswork of an analog reading and will set the meter for you.

Analog shows sudden voltage drops or changes in signal and doesn’t need a power supply. This type isn’t as user friendly since you have to do things like turn the dial and read the analog meters.

They both give accurate measurements, so the choice depends on the level of convenience and needs you want.

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