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Enhance your system's performance and functionality with our range of quality accessories. Explore options to optimize heating efficiency and control, seamlessly integrating with your heating system.

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What is a thermostat?

An HVAC thermostat is a device that controls the temperature of your chosen space by sensing the temperature and adjusting heating or cooling systems to maintain a desired setpoint temperature. These mechanical thermostats are widely used in homes and buildings for comfort and energy efficiency. Our available collection of AC thermostats has various voltage capabilities ranging from 120V to 480V. Our smart varieties selection of thermostats available like the King Electric Duct Temperature Type 2 Thermistor and CKI Series heater proper proportional thermostat range from manual to programmable, allowing for various levels of control and automation.

What is a Unit Heater?

Unit heaters are singular heating devices that warm a specific space or room. Our range of long-lasting, efficient unit heaters, are equipped with overhead heat protection making them great choices for your heating needs. Heating units are commonly used in residential and industrial areas like homes or warehouses for uniform heat distribution. They contain a heating element and a fan that distributes warm air, efficiently raising the temperature in the area. Unit heaters can be installed horizontally or vertically with a wall or ceiling mounting bracket. Some unit heaters offer portability with wheels, providing easy installation. These heaters are ideal for maintaining comfortable conditions in expansive spaces as well as commercial and residential spaces.

What are heating elements?

Heating elements’ sole purpose is to convert electrical energy into heat, through a process of resistance known as Joule heating. Our range of highly efficient heating elements are made from a coil which makes them generally safter to operate than a coil heater. These devices help to increase service life and less maintenance. When determining the stability of our available heater elements you should consider:

  • Power supply
  • Fluid flow
  • Watt density
  • Temperature
  • Corrosion

What are disconnect switches?

Currently, we offer a wide array of heavy-duty durable devices whose sole purpose is to safely interrupt the power supply of a heating element. These HVAC disconnect switches are highly efficient and house significant amperage power making them optimal for harsh environments while allowing control for multiple circuits. Typically, these devices can have a 3-pole, 2-pole, or single pole control style, in which the pole refers to the number of separate circuits the switch can control simultaneously. With features like thermoplastic enclosures and adjustable mounting feet, these devices are great candidates for your needs. It is important you choose a disconnect switch that ensures safe and proper isolation electrical power when needed.

What are transformers?

Transformers like the Qmark Heater Primary Transformer that we offer, primarily serve a purpose to facilitate the safe and efficient operation of compatible heater systems. They do this by either enabling voltage conversion by stepping up or down the voltage as needed, or providing essential electrical isolation, safeguarding against mechanical error enhancing overall safety in heating equipment.

Their resistant design makes these devices compatible with various types of heaters. When debating which transformer you may want to purchase, it is recommended that you check for compatibility between your heater and transformer.

What are wire guards?

The selection of wire guards that we have available are considered a protective accessory and help to cover and shield the heating elements or coils of a unit heater. These durable devices are typically made of metal wire and have been designed to help avoid accidental contact with hot heating elements which could cause bodily harm or injury.

Currently our available range of wire guards’ range in size anywhere from 1 to 1.5 pounds making them easily manageable. When considering a wire guard for your unit heater, it is important to ensure that it is compatible with the heater’s size and design and meets safety or regulatory requirements applicable to your installation.

What type of materials do our heating accessories range in?

As you may know, stainless steel is a powerful alloy that is great for heating accessories. Generally, our selection of unit heating accessories, like our Stelpro Washdown unit heater, is made of stainless steel. This material helps unit our heating accessories to be optimal for production.

What is a combination unit?

If you have a goal of saving money over a long span of time, a combination unit offered in our selection may be a great option for you. These units are perfect for various types of settings such as commercial and residential settings. They also can come in three different types, portable units, ductless mini split and wall or window units in which we offer all thread within our selection.

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