Workshop & Garage Heater

It's hard to tighten a bolt or use a wrench at all when you are constantly shivering, am I right? Our collection of workshop and garage heaters are made so that whether you are working on a car or doing your own construction work you will stay heated. The selection of heaters that we have includes, contractor and portable heaters, unit heaters, and radiant heaters. So even if you are constantly on the move or just have one spot in particular that needs to stay warm you will find the heater that you need here. Discover our wide collection of workshop and garage heaters at HomElectrical today!

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What is a Workshop and Garage Heater?

A workshop and garage heater is a form of space heater that is designed to keep a designated unit or area heated. There are three different types:

  • Unit Heater - these heaters are able to create large amounts of heat and are commonly found in large garages, workshops, and warehouses.
  • Contractor & Portable Heaters - are designed for easy transportation as they have built in handles and cord storage space.
  • Radiant Heater - uses a reflector that directs infrared radiation away from it. This heater is designed to not heat up the air like other heaters but people and objects.

Where do I put my Garage Heater?

The heater should be put anywhere that requires additional heat. Our collection of heaters are both portable and mountable. So if you are constantly moving around all the time or there are other parts of the garage that need heating once you're warm, a portable heater would be preferable. On the other hand if you are constantly feeling cold and just need heat for one space or area then a mountable heater is probably the way to go.

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