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Create a floor space where walking barefoot during the winter can feel like walking on the beach with an underfloor heating system from HomElectrical. Find everything you need to transform your floor in to a heated floor at HomElectrical.

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What is an Underfloor Heating System used for?

An electric underfloor heating system involves installing heating cables under the flooring. A current flows through the heating cables and warms the flooring until it reaches the temperature set by the thermostat. The flooring then heats the air, which circulates, and keeps the entire room warm. This form of heating gives the most consistent room temperature from floor to ceiling.

Underfloor heating systems are ideal for residential areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. It also works at a lower temperature reducing your heating bill and can be installed under stone, tile, wood, or carpeted flooring. 1.5 tog is the maximum thickness that is suitable.

What is a Convection Floor Heater?

Convection floor insert heaters can be recessed into a floor and create heat through natural convection. These heaters are able to take in cool air and heat it up with a heated coil. The hot air is then able to rise and heat the room or space. It is able to operate quietly and has a lower chance of having any ignition hazards when compared to other types of heaters.

What is a Cable Heating System?

A cable heating system is designed for making your home and business able to withstand any cold-related problems. This is an energy efficient heating system that is able to keep your floors warm. They are also used in commercial and industrial environments like a gas or oil refinery where pipe and vessel process temperature maintenance is very important. Specifically designed heating cable systems can also keep your walkways and driveways free of ice and snow.

What is a Forced-Air Heating System?

This type of heating system uses a furnace or heat pump to warm the air and releases it through ductwork and vents. Cold air is pulled into the system where it is filtered and heated. The filter gets rid of any allergens and dust that could be brought in with the air. It is the only energy efficient heating system that is able to combine heating and cooling.

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