Key Control

Having a key control system is a simple way to keep all your keys organized. HomElectrical offers a variety of key control methods to help you get organized. With our selection of key rings, key tags, and key chains, we are sure to have what you need to make sure you never lose your keys again.

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What is key control?

The phrase key control typically refers to the various methods for making sure that your keys are only used by authorized people. This includes strategies for keeping track of which keys are carried by which people. HomElectrical offers a variety of key control supplies to help with the organization of keys. Our selection includes key rings, key chains, and key tags. Each one of these items has a specific purpose that can help with key organization.

What is a key ring?

A key ring is usually a metal or plastic ring that is used to connect keys to key chains.

What is a key chain?

A key chain is normally a device used to hold multiple keys at once.

What is a key tag?

A key tag is used for labeling the key with their purposes. Find all the supplies for your key control needs at HomElectrical.
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