HomElectrical carries a wide variety of coolers and cooler accessories for all your beverage storage needs. Our selection includes coolers in varying sizes and styles that make them perfect for every application. Find the right cooler for a competitive price at HomElectrical.

What is the best cooler for keeping ice the longest?

Many of our coolers come with a variety of features that make them ideal for every cooling application. Many of our Rubbermaid and Igloo coolers come equipped with a drip-proof spigot, convenient carrying handles, and cup dispensers. Our cooler accessories include replacement spigots, Igloo gallon racks for easy maneuvering, and even ice packs for cooling smaller containers like lunch boxes.

How many cans fit in a 16 quart cooler?

Generally, a 16 quart cooler can hold approximately 22 cans. An 8 quart cooler could probably hold about 10 cans including ice.

Can you use a cooler to keep things hot?

A cooler, also called an ice chest or a cool box, is a portable, insulated container that is used to keep food or drinks cool. But did you know that coolers can also keep things hot? Coolers are basically boxes of insulation, so when coupled with some layers of towels or blankets for extra insulation, you can turn your cooler into a hotbox.
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