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Accessibility and interest in home automation, or smart homes, grows more and more every day. Smart technology, like thermostats and light switches, meet your need to cut down on energy consumption. Eaton’s line of Anyplace Switches offers energy savings and convenience.

What are they?

Eaton’s Anyplace Switch controls Z-Wave switches, dimmers, or receptacles to give you various controls. These switches include on/off, dimming and brightness levels. These smart switches activate other functions in different Z-Wave products, like plug-in modules and security systems.

What is Z-Wave?

When transitioning to a smart home, you’ll probably see Z-Wave on different products and systems.

Much like WiFi or Bluetooth, this wireless mesh network provides smart devices a way to communicate with each other. All Z-Wave products work compatibly with one another. They amplify each other on the network, causing less interference, and they prioritize safety with secure encryption.

A hub creates a Z-Wave network in your home by connecting to the Internet, but some products offer it built in. Anyplace Switches do not require a hub, but you must establish a Z-Wave connection for other devices outside of Eaton.

What are the benefits?

Because they do not require additional wiring, anyplace switches eliminate the need for traditional 3-way wiring. Their compatibility with other Z-Wave products makes them universal for anyone with access to a Z-Wave network.

The AnyPlace Switch serves these essential functions:

  • Compatible with all Z-Wave products, like dimmers and receptacles
  • Connects with up to five other Z-Wave products
  • Can be used to control other devices with or without a controller
  • Includes two CR2025 batteries and mounting tools
  • Mounts on any flat surface
  • Does not require new wiring
  • Sleep Mode reduces power consumption, extending battery life
  • Includes a Blue LED indicator
  • Controls the ON/OFF function of paired receptacle, switch or dimmer
  • UP/DOWN dimmer buttons on switch controls the light level on paired Z-Wave dimmer
  • Can work within 60 feet of another Z-Wave operated device to work within network

What does HomElectrical offer?

HomElectrical offers a variety of Eaton’s Anyplace Switches and combination kits. We offer both of Eaton’s design styles, Decorator and Designer.

Switch Dimmer
Switch + Dimmer
Switch receptacle
Switch + Receptacle
Switch Module
Switch + Module

HomElectrical sells the Eaton Wiring Home Automation Hub that establishes the Z-Wave network in your home. We also sell bundles which include the hub, the dimmer, or the smart switch.

Browse our extensive collection of Eaton’s Z-Wave compatible Anyplace Switches today!

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