Shedding Light on... The Cobb Safety Village

By Anonymous

Last week, HomElectrical Electric Supply went to the Cobb Safety Village and spoke to hundreds of children about the importance of turning the light off when they leave a room. It was a great opportunity to teach kids how to conserve energy in order to save money. We also handed out painted Light Switch Wall Plates to the children and let them decorate their own with a variety of stickers.

It was an amazing event and HomElectrical was really grateful for the opportunity!

Check out HomElectrical’s Photo Slide Show to see some of the kid’s decoration skills!

If you missed out on the event and are interested in some of the information we presented, here’s HomElectrical’s Prezi, and be sure to keep up with our Twitter and Facebook feeds to find out about our next event at the Cobb Safety Village. We hope to see you there!

Shedding Light on... The Cobb Safety Village