The Boys and Girls Club of America: A Community Service Opportunity

On July 24, 2015, HomElectrical Electric Supply had the opportunity to visit The Boys & Girls Club of America in Canton and give out school supplies to the children before the start of the new school year. The Boys & Girls Club of America has been dedicated to helping children succeed for over 100 years by providing a safe environment for any child to achieve success. During the visit, HomElectrical’s CEO David Lu and the Social Media Team quizzed some of the older children with questions on electricity and renewable energy and rewarded them with new book bags along with the school supply donations.

Boys & Girls Club School Supplies

HomElectrical believes in our commitment to give back to the community and this commitment, paired with The Boys & Girls Club’s mission to help children reach their full potential, created a perfect partnership between both organizations. Lu described the donation of school supplies as part of the company’s Community Service at Boys & club of America obligation to give back to the community.

Community Service at Boys & club of America
“It’s our civic responsibility to give back to our community and invest into our children which are our future,” Lu said in a HomElectrical press release about the event.

“HomElectrical wants to ensure that the children have the basic school necessities to be successful.”

HomElectrical is proud to have partnered with such a great organization like The Boys & Girls Club of America. We are always looking for an opportunity to support our community and partner with groups and organizations that share this goal.

Wattson Lumen
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