Portable Power Stations

Power stations are ideal for powering multiple electrical appliances at once. At HomElectrical, we have power distribution centers that are extremely advanced and made to provide you with safe and economical power distribution. These heavy-duty power centers can be used for a variety of applications including construction, carpentry, welding, and power outages. Explore our selection of the best portable power stations so that you can power all of the electrical appliances that you need at HomElectrical.

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What is the difference between a Power Center and a Power Generator?

A power center requires a direct input electrical source in either 120V or 220V depending on the power center you purchase. A power generator creates it own electrical current by running off gasoline or solar power. Both power centers and power generators are portable and ideal for job sites, however be sure to check your electrical accessibility beforehand.

Is it worth buying a portable power station?

Portable power stations are very practical gadgets and come in handy when power is not easily accessible or when backup power is needed. Power stations act as a combination transformer and distribution panel to regulate and distribute power from a generator, temporary power pole, or other 480VAC power source.

Power stations supply reliable temporary and emergency backup power for a wide range of applications. Because they are safe to use both indoors and outdoors, their functionality makes them valuable pieces of equipment in your facility or out at a work site.

What is the best power station for traveling?

The need for reliable power is always present, even while traveling. For camping trips, road trips, or times when off-grid wall outlets are not available, a reliable portable power source can be an essential travel accessory. Select a portable power center with the following features for these scenarios:

  • Multiple charging options
  • Several charging ports (USB-a, USB-c pd, USB-c ports) for smartphones and medical devices such as CPAP machines
  • Appropriate volt output and wattage
  • Extended charge time
  • Wireless charging and fast charging capabilities for full charges
  • AC outlets for appliances like refrigerators
  • High enough amps

Some of the best portable power stations for traveling include:

  • Jackery Explorer 1000
  • EcoFlow Delta Pro
  • EcoFlow Delta Max
  • EcoFlow River
  • Goal Zero Yeti
  • Anker Powerhouse
  • Bluetti EB3A

Many of the best portable power stations for traveling feature solar panels for solar power and solar charging capabilities. This allows for increased battery power and battery life.

What are the advantages of a portable power station?

When the need for convenient, temporary power arises, portable power stations are an excellent solution. Beyond filling this need, these power stations prove valuable for numerous other situations. Consider their many benefits:


While it may be straightforward, one of the greatest advantages of a portable power station is the ability to easily move it wherever it is needed. This feature allows for greater use and makes electrical power much more accessible. Larger power centers come standard with wheels in either a sturdy roll cart design or a roll-away design, making moving the power station that much easier. Other portable power stations can easily be moved by hand.


When it comes to any electrical supply, safety is always a main concern. Mishandling electrical equipment can have severe consequences. While the need for proper training and education to handle portable power stations is still prevalent, they are considered very safe pieces of electrical equipment.

Because power stations are intended to be used outdoors, they feature a weatherproof design. Many models come equipped with weatherproof covers to eliminate the threat of water or moisture entering sockets and contact points. Additionally, any included power cords are also weather resistant. Users should consult the manufacturer’s safety instructions before using their portable power stations to ensure best safety practices.


Another key advantage of portable power centers is how quiet they remain while still providing you with the electrical power necessary to perform your duties. Other portable power solutions, such as gas-powered portable generators can be very noisy, causing a disturbance on a job site. Power centers are practically silent, giving you exceptional power with a quiet operation.

Low maintenance

One of the greatest advantages of portable power supplies, and why people choose to utilize them, is that they provide reliable power when needed the most. Modern moveable power centers require very little maintenance, meaning they are readily available when required. Compared to gas generators, portable power stations are a much more suitable option for many urgent situations.

Wide range of applications

Because portable power centers are so versatile, their applications are seemingly endless. Common applications for temporary power boxes and stations include:

  • Industrial applications: Portable power centers are often used for temporary power distribution on job sites. For example, industrial or construction companies can utilize a portable power center to use power tools, work laptops, and other machinery in areas where power other is not available.
  • Disaster relief: In many cases, natural disasters cause blackouts and leave many without power, increasing the need for emergency backup power. Disaster relief is one of the most common applications for temporary power distribution centers because in dire times like these, a durable, reliable device with an extended run time is crucial.
  • Other events: Large outdoor gatherings and other events face the challenge of needing power when not easily available. From lighting equipment to vendor-specific gear and more, portable power centers can help improve the safety and overall experience at large outdoor events.

How many pounds does a portable power station weigh?

When it comes to portability, size is an important factor to consider. The weight of a portable power center can range and depends largely on its size and the materials used in construction. Larger units tend to be very heavy and would be very difficult to maneuver if not for the convenient wheels included. Distribution boxes weigh much less.

What is a ground fault circuit interrupter quad outlet?

A GFCI is a fast-acting safety device that detects circuit leakage to the ground and immediately shuts off power to the circuit. A GFCI Interrupter outlet is a portable GFCI that can be utilized virtually anywhere to provide quick, on the go safety. The number quad refers to the number of outlets or GFCIs for the device.

Can I use a Power Center to Power My RV?

Most appliances use less than 125 Volts so that a 30 AMP power center should be enough to power all your appliances. However, if you are running more than the load capacity you may run into issues. Be sure to check your total wattage usage and make sure you have enough amps. It is also a good idea to add a portable GFCI quad outlet for your power center.

Are Power Centers weatherproof?

The weatherproof covers prevent nuisance tripping and moisture from entering sockets and contact points. They do require and outdoor power chord that comes with weather resistant ends but should not be used in areas that are near a pool or other large amounts of water. Be sure to consult the manufacture’s safety instructions prior to using.

Find Portable Power Stations and More at HomElectrical

Take your power bank on the go with portable power outputs from HomElectrical. Our selection of portable power centers consists of various models ranging in size, watt-hours, battery capacity, and other specs, allowing you to select the option that best suits your needs. All of our models are constructed from heavy-duty materials to extend their lifespan.

In addition to power stations, we also carry various adapters and accessories to help you carry out your duties. Whether you need extra power on the job site or a home backup, call HomElectrical at 888-616-3532 or create an account to learn more.

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