LED Lights Make and Save Money for Businesses

By Tenesha Curtis Last Updated On 10/07/2019

The lights you use matter. LED lights can help save money for your business. They let workers work better and get more work done. LEDs can even keep you out of legal trouble. Here are three ways LEDs help save and make your business money.

LED Lights Save Money

Many businesses use about 25,000 kWh each year on average. The average price in the United States per kWh is about 12 cents. That means many businesses spend $3,000 each year on power. LEDs use 85% less power. LEDs can save a business as much as $2,550 per year. You could spend that extra money on tools, fuel, or staff bonuses. Every business has lean times every now and then. These savings could be the padding that saves you from closing forever.

LEDs Are Bright

When workers see better, they work better. Data entry and accounting mistakes cost time and money. Mistakes can have six-figure consequences in some cases. Be careful if your business has stairs or large doors. If a visitor is hurt because they can’t see well, they can sue. If an employee is hurt, they can sue you, too. Dim lighting can put you at risk of legal action. LEDs provide bright, clear, long-lasting light. This helps people move safely around your office, warehouse, or factory.

LEDs Can Look Like the Sun

Humans need light from the sun. But getting enough sun is hard if you are closed up inside all day at work. If you don’t get enough sun, you can get SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). SAD happens when people don’t get enough sunlight. This makes people tired and depressed. Tired, depressed people work less and work slower. If you can, leave blinds open and put work desks near windows. If you don’t have windows, you may want to remodel or move. But it costs a lot of money to make your office all glass or mostly glass. It also costs a lot of money and time to move. LED lights are a cost-effective option. LED installation is easy and fast. You can get ceiling LEDs or LED bulbs for desk lamps. You can tell work-from-home employees to work outside or use LEDs. This will help them work better as well.

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