Occupancy Sensor Accessory

Control lighting with ease using an occupancy sensor accessory! You can find brackets, remotes, power packs, and much more to work with a variety of occupancy sensors. Shop HomElectrical to find an assortment of occupancy sensor accessories!

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What is an occupancy sensor?

Occupancy sensors function as a type of motion sensor. They can act as a ceiling, corner, or wall switch that automatically turns the lights on or off. When the sensor detects movement, the occupancy sensor turns the lights on. When the room remains empty for a certain period of time, the sensor shuts the lights off.

What accessories are there?

HomElectrical carries a variety of occupancy sensors accessories for use with specified sensors, including:

  • Remote controls
  • Mounting brackets
  • Sensor cable
  • Daylight harvesting sensor
  • Adapters
  • Power packs
  • Design covers

What is a daylight harvesting sensor?

Daylight harvesting sensors use a light sensor to detect the amount of daylight in a space. The sensor then adjusts the amount of electrical lighting in the room depending on the natural light available.

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