LED Lenser LED Lenser Floating Charge System, Fits M7R

LED Lenser 880082
LED Lenser Floating Charge System, Fits M7R
Rechargeable flashlights have met their match thanks to the LED Lenser floating flashlight charger system. The use of a magnetic connection makes this charge station easy and convenient. Shop HomElectrical today!
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LED Lenser

The LED Lenser 880082 LED Lenser Floating Charge System, Fits M7R is currently not available on HomeElectrical. This page is for your reference.

LED Lenser 880082 Description

Leatherman LED Lenser Floating Charge System, Fits M7R Features:

  • Recharge flashlight with Magnetic Technology that holds the entire flashlight to charge
  • Flashlight charging Magnetic base detatches from wall plate to accommodate travel charging via USB port
  • Green charging indicator tells when the charging is complete
  • Red light flashes to tell if the system is misaligned
  • Fits LED Lenser Models: X21R.2, M17R, M7RX, M7R, P17R, and P5R.2

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Manufacturer Description

Simple, fast, sustainable.

Most recharging systems require fiddling with docking stations for your batteries, seemingly endless cords, and countless times disassembling and assembling the light itself to insert the charged batteries. With the magnet technology in the Floating Charge System, touch the tail switch with magnet to the floating charge magnet and walk away. A green charging light indicator will tell you when you're ready to go again. A red light will blink and shut the system down, should you misalign the charging system.

If you're traveling, simply pop off the top of the charging system and plug it into a USB adapter to charge from your laptop, car, or hotel room USB port. Simple, fast, and sustainable from LED LENSER, the leaders in rechargeable technology.

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