Kidde Smoke Detector

Kidde manufactures a variety of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to protect homes from all types of threats. Equip your house or office with a Kidde smoke detector or a carbon monoxide detector to be alerted of fires and hazardous gas leaks quickly. Find the right Kidde product for your situation competitively priced at HomElectrical today.

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What is a smoke detector?

A smoke detector is a device that uses different technologies to sense smoke, typically as an indicator of fire. A carbon monoxide alarm is usually a separate device that is used to sense carbon monoxide gas in order to alert occupants of a leak and prevent poisoning.

Why buy Kidde?

Kidde offers a variety of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors with different features and technologies to suit every commercial or residential need. They even offer combination alarms so that a single device provides both services. Browse through HomElectrical's selection of Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in order to protect your home or workplace from potential fires or gas leaks.

Are all smoke detectors battery powered?

Not all smoke detectors are battery powered! Most of our selection is battery powered, and we provide which battery is used in each detector. There are some that need to be hardwired, which it will tell you in the description.
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