Kidde Accessory

A Kiddie Accessory is designed to help make you feel more safe. Kidde has a variety of Key Holders offered on HomElectrical which allow you to have either a Portable or Permanent Key Holders. There are also other accessories, such as key tags or Key Cabinets offered for you to stay organized!

How many keys can be stored in a Portable Dial?

We have a variety of Portable Dials that usually range to holding 1-3 keys. The Permanent Key Holder usually holds 1-5 keys.

What is the difference between the Original Permanent Dial/Push and the Portable Dial/Push?

A Permanent Dial/Push is attached to the wall or door to store keys and usually can hold up to keys at a time. The Portable Dial/Push is removable, and you can keep it as a lock on a door or attach it to a lock itself. The portable also tends to store 1-3 keys instead of the 5. The main difference is the fact that one is removable and one is stationary. Both dials can be opened by a dial or could be set by a push of buttons as the pin.
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