Hand & Body Lotion

HomElectrical has an array of hand and body lotions for all your personal care needs. Our selection of products varies in bottle size and scent to suit any preference. Find hand and body lotion for a competitive price at HomElectrical.

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What is Hand and Body Lotion?

The only real difference between hand lotion and body lotion is where they are applied on the body. A body lotion is applied to your body and a hand lotion is applied to your hands. The purpose of these lotions is so that you are properly taking care of your skin. These can be used to make your skin appear younger, prevent skin irritation and acne.

Can you use Body Lotion on your face?

The answer is no. These lotions were designed very specifically so if you need to apply some to your face you should get some face lotion. There is also the possibility that if you do apply it to your face you could cause more irritation to your face due to their fragrances.

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