Latex Gloves

HomElectrical offers an array of latex gloves, powdered and powdered-free, that are ideal for a variety of situations either in the medical or janitorial fields. We offer a many sizes, colors, and styles that will suit any need. Shop HomElectrical for a large selection and great prices on latex gloves.

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Do latex gloves protect you from chemicals?

Any gloves made of rubber, nitrile, or latex can protect you from chemical products and reduce the risk of exposure to hazards in the workplace. These gloves are made of latex and are used in many residential, commercial, and industrial applications. They come in both powdered and powder-free.

Can you use latex gloves to handle food?

Yes. In commercial food handling, it is recommended to protect your hands with gloves. Latex gloves are the popular choice for commercial, medial, and industrial use.

Are latex gloves safe?

There are many people that suffer from latex allergies. If you are not sure about certain allergies, it is recommended to use vinyl or nitrile gloves instead.
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