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Rubbermaid White Plastic 5 in. Round Toilet Bowl Brush Holder
6311 WHI
White plastic, 5-in. dia. Holds RCP 6310 WHI (sold separately)....
Rubbermaid Brown Plastic Handle 17 in. Toilet Bowl Brush
This 17'' toilet bowl brush is designed for easy toilet bowl cleaning. This brush features a plastic handle and is...
Boardwalk Toilet Plunger, 18'' Plastic Handle, 5-5/8'' Dia Bowl, Red/Black 6-Count
HomElectrical offers a selection of Boardwalk janitorial supplies. Shop today to find spray bottles, toilet brushes, plungers, gloves, urinal mats and more for your sanitary bathroom needs.
$40.94Case of 6
Unger Ergo Toilet Bowl Brush System w/ Holder
Effectively cleans toilets and urinals. Longer handle and ergonomic design for increased worker comfort and safety-reduces wrist, back and arm...
Unger Replacement Heads for Ergotoilet-Bowlbrush System
Attaches quickly to handle included in the Ergo Toilet bowl brush (sold separately). Unique brush head shape for easier access...
$70.33Case of 5
Rubbermaid White Plastic 14-1/2 in. Toilet Bowl Brush
6310 WHI
The white plastic bowl brush is designed for easy toilet bowl cleaning. The plastic handle is sturdy and capable of...
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