Introducing the Whynter Collection of Ice Makers!

The summer heat makes it a challenging time of year for those without a built-in ice maker in their fridge, but you can avoid that misery with a Whynter Ice Maker! Whether you want a portable ice maker that you can bring to your vacation home, a countertop ice maker to keep in your home year-round, or even a marine ice maker so you can stay cool on the high seas, Whynter has you covered! Let’s look at their products so you can find the right one for you today!

Countertop Ice Makers

A countertop ice maker sits on your countertop and hooks up to the water supply. You can find built-in and freestanding options. Built-in ice makers install into your cabinets only accessible from the front. Freestanding ice makers cannot install in cabinets, and instead require clearance around the unit. Depending on the size of the unit, it can install either next to your cabinets or on the countertop. Some ice makers work as both freestanding and built-in.
Whynter 22 lb
The 22-lb Capacity Ice Maker and Water Dispenser in silver makes the perfect solution for your kitchen or workplace. It features a cabinet constructed of stainless steel. Cool your drinks with bullet-shaped ice cubes with a choice between small and large ice sizes. Simply push a button to dispense either ice cold or room temperature water.
44 lb ice maker
The 44-lb Capacity Freestanding Ice Maker in Stainless Steel features a flush back design, perfect for industrial settings. Keep enough ice on hand to entertain all your guests, as this machine produces 44 lbs of ice per day and stores up to 7.7 lbs of ice. It includes an ice scoop, water hose, and gravity drain hose.
50 lb ice maker
The 50-lb Capacity Built-in/Freestanding Ice Maker in Stainless Steel can install built-in or freestanding. With 50 lbs of ice made in 24 hours and a 25-lb storage capacity, this ice maker supplies plenty of ice for your home or restaurant needs. It automatically shuts off when the ice bin is full and includes an easy-to use one-switch operation. This unit offers the perfect solution for restaurants and other industrial settings and complements any modern kitchen or bar.
12-lb ice maker
The 12-lb Capacity Built-in Ice Maker represents Whynter’s latest in professional standard innovations for the home. Choose between freestanding or built-in installation. With 12 lbs of crescent-shaped ice cubes produced in 24 hours, this compact ice maker meets all ice making needs in any situation. It stores up to 6 lbs of ice and automatically shuts off when full.
Marine Ice Maker
The Marine Ice Maker installs freestanding or built into the wall spaces of your boat. It makes 23 lbs of crescent-shaped ice cubes in 24 hours. Constructed of marine-grade stainless steel with no drain installation required, this ice maker works best for marine applications. It stores up to 12 lbs of ice and automatically shuts off when the ice bin fills. The unit includes an ice scoop and bin as well as a 5-ft 0.25-in food grade water line connection. Use this ice maker to cool off when the sun beats down on the high seas!

Portable Ice Makers

Since they require no water connection, portable electric ice makers can go anywhere from your kitchen countertop to a camping trip, if you can plug it into an outlet. Whynter makes many models of portable ice maker to suit your needs.
27 lb ice maker
The 27-lb Capacity Portable Ice Maker comes in 3 different colors: red, black, and silver. All models produce 27 lbs of bullet-shaped ice cubes in 24 hours, or 9 ice cubes in 10-15 minutes. This compact ice maker includes a 2.2-liter manual water reservoir and 1.5 capacity ice storage. Just like the 49-lb capacity model, the 27-lb models do not need to drain because they reuse water from melted ice cubes. All models provide a choice between small or large ice cube sizes and includes an ice scoop and bin.
49 lb ice maker
The 49-lb Capacity Stainless Steel Portable Ice Maker includes a version with and without a water connection, meaning you can take this ice maker anywhere. Both models can make up to 49 lbs of bullet-shaped ice cubes in 24 hours or 12 ice cubes every 10-15 minutes. It includes a 5-liter manual water tank and 2.7-lb ice storage capacity. The water from melted ice cubes gets filtered and re-used, eliminating the need for a drain. They come with a digital control panel for selecting small, medium, and large ice cube size settings.
Emily Klump
Emily Klump

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