Introducing the USI Electric AMI Series

USI Electric AMI Series Smoke and Fire Alarm

Looking to replace an old smoke and fire alarm? Need to install detectors in a newly constructed home? USI Electric’s new AMI Series builds off their prominent 10-year batteries and combination detectors by adding new Sensing Plus Multi-Criteria Detection Technology. This feature combines the benefits of photoelectric and ionization detection, capable of sensing fast or slow burning fires.

USI’s Sensing Plus Multi-Criteria Detection Technology does more than identify and analyze different smoke and fires. It also prevents nuisance alarms, a leading cause for owners to disconnect smoke alarms.

The AMI series detector’s power sources include hardwiring, sealed batteries, and battery backup options. All USI Electric AMI smoke and fire alarms utilize 10-year batteries, so you don’t have to replace batteries or wake up to a low battery indicator beeping in the middle of the night.

Available in multiple models, the AMI Series smoke and fire alarms see use in kitchens, hallways, bedrooms, and living areas. Some AMI Series alarms also detect carbon monoxide, acting as a useful combination detector in the home, like the AMIC1510SB, AMIC3511SB, AMIC1510SC, and AMICH3511SC models.

AMI Series carbon monoxide combination models exceed UL 2034 Standard 4th Edition, which requires carbon monoxide detectors to have an end-of-life signal, provides performance guidelines during rapid carbon monoxide buildup, and outlines more realistic test conditions.

USI’s AMI series detectors also meet UL 217 8th Edition, making them immune to high-voltage current surges, prevent false alarms while cooking, and detect polyurethane foam in fast and slow flames.

USI Electric AMI Series smoke and fire alarms have a lifetime of approximately 10 years, and USI provides a 10-year warranty for both the alarm and battery. After 10 years, USI Electric and the National Fire Protection Association recommend replacing the detector altogether.

Ensure the safety of you and your home, by considering the USI Electric AMI series smoke and fire alarms listed at affordable prices at HomElectrical!

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