Refrigerant Line Sets

Refrigerant A/C line sets are essential for your ductless mini split system. Insulated, foam covered, copper line sets for use with 410A refrigerant are in stock at HomElectrical. Pick up all your A/C accessories at HomElectrical today for all your Heating and Cooling needs and receive free shipping today!

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Does my refrigerant line set come Pre-charged?

NO! Most line sets do not come pre-charged with refrigerant since the installer is usually committed to the length of the line during an installation. Because of this, the amount of refrigerant may not be accurate since the actual length of the line can be longer than what is actually needed. Pre-charged lines require mechanical connections that today's equipment does not come with. Adding these mechanical connectors means having to braze. 410A Refrigerant is sold separately.

Do I have to have my Refrigerant Line Set installed horizontally?

NO! Refrigerant Line Sets are designed to run both horizontal and vertical. In a mini split A/C unit the heater typically is not in the same location as the condenser. The condenser is usually outside while the heater in located inside. Line sets do have a maximum length above the condenser limitation so be sure to check the individual specs of your line set before you purchase your new refrigerant line set.
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