Mini Split Systems - Indoor Air Handler

Mini split system indoor air handler units provide heating and cooling all year round. A mini split system indoor unit has greater flexibility and adaptability for various applications. By adding a lightweight and high efficiency indoor air conditioner makes this mini split system the ideal choice for residential and other light commercial applications. Shop HomElectrical today to pick your mini split system indoor air handler from HomElectrical today!

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Do I need to replace my indoor air handler when I replace the outdoor unit?

Yes! Indoor Air Handler HVAC Systems are designed specifically to work with the outdoor unit they match with. Indoor Heat pump units may "work" with other outdoor units than they are designed for, but the system's performance would be compromised. Replacing the indoor and outdoor unit with matching systems ensures optimal performance and efficiency.

These durable devices perform the following functions:

  • Cooling
  • Ventilation
  • Maintaining indoor air quality
  • Humidity control

Will my new indoor air handler require maintenance?

Yes! Even though you are purchasing a high quality indoor air handler, it still requires regularly scheduled maintenance. Just like any piece of equipment you purchase, you always want to keep it working to the best of its ability for the lifetime of the product. HVAC equipment requires proper care and maintenance to give you the best performance results. Certified Trained technicians can service your indoor air handler or mini-split system to ensure they’re working at their top potential and help prevent costly and unnecessary repairs any time of the year.

Should you install an air handler in the attic?

Installing your air handler in the attic depends on various factors:

  • If your attic is properly ventilated and insulated.
  • If there is ease of access to your air handler for routine maintenance.

A careful evaluation of your space can guide you to make the best decision. If in doubt, seek professional advice to steer you in the right direction.

How long does it take to install a split system air conditioner?

With a ceiling mini split system, the installation process is quicker than other HVAC systems. Generally, the job can be wrapped up in a single day if installed by HVAC professionals.

Are mini-split units good for heating purposes?

Yes! Mini split systems are capable of both heating and cooling your home. Unlike traditional systems, mini splits provide targeted heat to zones in your home, enabling you to customize and maintain the temperature in each room.

Which is better, a ceiling cassette AC or a wall-mount mini split AC?

Ceiling cassettes tend to be more subtle than wall mount mini split units. However, mini split systems tend to distribute the air more evenly. Wall mount mini split units also operate much quieter than cassette AC units. While both options have their place, the ceiling mini split unit tends to be more convenient in most spaces.

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