Wood-Burning Fireplace Accessories

Nothing beats sitting around a warm fire on a cold winter day, but wood-burning fireplaces require quite a bit of care. The right tools can make that easy! Find a wide variety of quality tools from fire sets to fireplace screens to log holders and log grates. You can even find a variety of rugs to help protect your floor. Find quality fireplace accessories to match your fireplace at HomElectrical!

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What fireplace accessories do I need?

Fireplace accessories make taking care of the fireplace easy and convenient. If you use a wood-burning fireplace, consider buying these must-haves:

  • Fire set - often called fireplace tools or fireplace tool sets, the fire set includes the tools you need to tend to the fire. A fireplace tool set may include a shovel, poker, brush, tongs, and stand. Certain tool sets may not include the tongs or may include a broom instead of a brush to sweep up more ash.
  • Fireplace screen - prevent stray sparks and embers from damaging your furniture or starting your living room on fire. A fire screen also reduces the feeling of excessive heat from the fire and help prevent children and animals from getting too close to the flames.
  • Andirons or fireplace grate - andirons and fireplace grates support the firewood by lifting it off the floor of the fireplace. This allows more air to circulate below the fire, creating a more efficient fire. Fireplace log grates allow you to spread out the wood while andirons add a decorative touch.
  • Bellows - bellows add air to a dying fire to bring it back to life. They work by pulling air into the bag, or chamber, in the center and then, when you push the handles together, forcing that air out through the nozzle.
  • Fireplace rug - fireplace rugs, or hearth rugs, protect flooring from damaging sparks and embers. They consist of a fire-resistant material to reduce the risk of the fire spreading. HomElectrical carries nylon and hand tufted 100% wool options.
  • Log rack - log racks allow you to store firewood in a safe and secure place. They give you somewhere to stack the firewood to allow it to dry out so you can have the perfect fire.

What are the different types of fireplace screens?

Fire screens come in a variety of styles including single panel, multiple panel, curved, and spark guard options:

  • Single panel - consists of only one panel and feet for balance. They typically set flush against the fireplace to completely cover the fireplace opening. They usually feature handles to easily pick up the screen and set it aside when adding firewood.
  • Multiple panel - sometimes referred to as folding screens, a multiple panel fireplace screen adds a three-dimensional appearance to the fireplace. To add firewood, you can simply move one panel instead of needing to move the entire screen. These options also fold easily for difficulty-free storage.
  • Curved or bowed panels - these options feature a single panel design with a gentle curve that provides a three-dimensional appearance. Like single panel screens, they typically cannot fold and require you to move them out of the way to tend to the fire.
  • Spark guard - spark guards also protect against sparks and embers. They look similarly to a three-panel screen, but also feature a top section to enclose the fireplace opening. This prevents sparks from shooting up and over the guard. Like a single panel, these options typically cannot fold and require you to move the guard to add firewood.

In the offseason, when you use the fireplace less often, you can use a summer screen. Their design often cannot protect against sparks and embers in the same way, but they can help keep children and pets away from the fireplace. They often feature an ornate or modern design that functions well as a statement piece.

What is the purpose of fireplace tool sets?

Fireplace tools and fire sets can serve two functions: decorative or functional. They mainly allow you to control the fire and take care of the fireplace after the fire goes out. They allow you to stoke the fire when necessary or shift logs to keep the fire under control.

If you like the look of fireplace tools but use a fireplace that has no need for them, you can still place them next to your fireplace for a classic appearance. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors to match the appearance of your décor. Find simple designs, twist handles, heart shaped handles, and other stylish options.

What other wood fireplace accessories can you find?

Other accessories include fire starters, like this cast iron fire starter or fatwood. Fatwood works well in wood stoves and fireplaces to help start a fire as it lights quickly and burns hot enough to ignite larger pieces of wood.

Log carriers allow you to transport multiple pieces of wood indoors or outdoors without making a mess. They prevent wood chips, dirt, and bugs from spilling out onto the floor.

You can also find accessories to make tending to the fire easier. Ash bins and coal hods provide an easy way of disposing of ashes. Humidifiers and steamers bring humidity back into the air to prevent dry skin, sinuses, and warped hardwood flooring.

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