Single-Zone Mini-Split Systems

Single zone mini split systems provide optimal heating and cooling solutions all year round. Single zone A/C mini split systems are perfect for single rooms in homes or offices that come in a variety of sizes and efficiency ratings (SEER, EER). Pick up a single zone A/C mini split system from HomElectrical today to efficiently control the climate for your home or office to start saving money on your heating and cooling bills today!

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Does my single zone mini split system qualify for energy rebates?

Depending on the model you select certain energy rebates are available that can be applied. Depending on your local and state codes you can apply higher efficiency rated (SEER, EER) units that will reduce your monthly electrical bills. Some A/C Mini split systems will even qualify for the HERO program that allows you to 100% finance your Air Conditioning unit upgrade to add to the value of your home in addition to other incentives that come along with purchasing a high efficiency A/C unit.

What Size A/C unit do I need?

Most A/C units and mini split A/C systems are measured in tonnage. This refers to the amount of CFM (Cubic feet per minute) that is moved by the fan blower. The HVAC industry follows the general rule of utilizing 600 square feet per ton. Make sure to measure the size of the room you are looking to install your single zone mini split for. This will determine that you are able to get the optimum heating and cooling capabilities from your new unit. Keep in mind that a single zone unit is not recommended for multiple room requirements.
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