Fireplace Log Sets

Keep your home warm and cozy with a tasteful fireplace log set. Fireplace log sets offer the style and warmth you like from a traditional wood-burning fire but without the hassle! You can find both electric and gas fireplace log sets available in a variety of style options. Browse HomElectrical to find a wide collection of fireplace log set and log kit options!

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What is a fireplace log set?

Fireplace log sets provide the appearance of real wood without all the cleanup. They work well to update or renovate outdated fireplaces while providing easy-to-use and convenient remote controls and ignitions.

A gas log set often sees use updating or renovating wood burning fireplaces. When choosing gas log sets, you typically have a choice between liquid propane or natural gas. Natural gas units use the home’s natural gas lines while liquid propane is stored in tanks. They come in vented or ventless, also called vent-free, options.

Vented units vent the products of combustion outside the home, typically through a chimney. Unfortunately, this means that a portion of the heat gets lost during the venting process. Ventless units do not require venting. This means that they avoid the heat loss of a vented unit. However, it also means that they cycle the products of combustion back into the room. Because they emit these fumes back into the room, they may not see use in all regions. Check your local codes before purchasing ventless units.

Electric fireplace logs use electricity to generate warmth. Additionally, they use LEDs to provide the flame effect. Because they don’t generate fumes like gas log sets, you don’t have to worry about venting. You can find electric log sets that either hardwire or simply plug into an appropriate electrical outlet. Many units also include a remote control for easy operation.

Do electric fireplace log sets give off heat?

Electric fireplace logs can give off a comfortable amount of heat. They typically give off about 5,000 BTUs but they can give off more or less depending on the unit. You can often find units with a separate flame and heating element which allows you to turn off the heat and enjoy the flames without the warmth.

What log sets are there?

HomElectrical carries a variety of log sets including gas and electric fireplace log sets as well as log kits and more. The selection of gas log sets includes both natural gas and liquid propane options as well as options with either an electronic or millivolt ignition. Some options, like this Woodland log set, feature a hand-painted resin log set and projected flame effect.

A fireplace log kit, however, offers only the decorative appearance of wood. These options provide a stylish addition to an existing fireplace. They function as a type of fireplace media designed to work with specified fireplaces only.

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