How to Install Electric Fireplace Units

Electric fireplaces are popular among homeowners wanting to make their living spaces warmer and more inviting. The process to install a fireplace insert can be a straightforward and rewarding experience. Always hire a licensed electrician to install your electric fireplace and make your space cozy and relaxing.

The Remarkable Benefits to a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplace Types

Installing a fireplace insert is an energy-saving and affordable way to heat specific areas of your home. Using one with your central heating lets you control heat in unused rooms, saving energy and costs. Fireplace inserts don't need extra venting like a chimney. Therefore, outside air can't disrupt the room's warmth unlike traditional fireplaces.

Additionally, your fireplace insert does not utilize fuel for operation. This makes it better for the environment because it doesn’t produce smoke, carbon monoxide, or carbon dioxide. Because they require little upkeep, electric fireplaces are more affordable than other heating systems.

Choosing your Ideal Style

Electric fireplaces are meant to be versatile forms of decorative media and come in several different types to best fit your space:

  • Mantel electric fireplaces and fire box inserts are designed to look like traditional indoor fireplaces with their decorative outer covering.
  • A built-in electric fireplace is installed flush into an interior wall cavity or mounting system. Recessed fireplaces are usually installed into an existing wall of your home.
  • A wall mount electric fireplace is attached to the surface of an interior wall.
  • Log sets are typically placed into an empty mantle to resemble the appearance of an active fireplace.
  • Media consoles combine an electric fireplace insert with stylish cabinetry that houses television sets and other entertainment media.

HomElectrical features standard or see-through recessed electric fireplace units along with wall mount electric fireplace styles, media console and log set systems for your ideal space. Aside from their evident heating ability, these models also act as a source of ambient mood lighting with customizable light colors and intensities. Console structured models have built-in cabinetry that can be used to house additional decor and storage items. The benefits only continue to increase with the ways in which the system heats your home.

Heating your Home with an Electric Fireplace

Besides heating, these models also provide mood lighting with adjustable colors and brightness. Some are forced fan systems that blow air over heated coils to produce a strong heat output. Other electric fireplace models use a type of infrared quartz that delivers heat through the use of infrared light.

Fireplace inserts do not use real flames within their systems. Instead, you will find that the illusion of a flame is created by shining LED lighting onto a spinning refractor. This mechanism uses spinning 3D structures to reflect light, creating a realistic illusion of moving flames.

Electric fireplaces provide additional heating for a specific area rather than heating an entire home. Electric fireplaces provide additional heating for a specific area rather than heating an entire home. The chart below shows how much power your fireplace insert uses on average while it's running.

electric fireplace wattage

The Installation Process of your Electric Fireplace

Installing an electric fireplace is simple for professionals, so it's cheaper for you. The average installation cost including labor ranges from $400 to $2100. This is cheaper than the minimum $2180 for traditional wood burning fireplaces.

Choosing the Perfect Location

In preparation for your electric fireplace install, you should consider how the heat will occupy the room. Rooms with higher ceilings, more windows, and drafts retain heat differently compared to smaller, more enclosed spaces. Your chosen location may affect how well your electric fireplace heats the room.

If your system is run by a forced fan, you might find that a room that is around 400 square feet would be an ideal placement option. Rooms over 1000 square feet may benefit more from infrared quartz heaters because they heat similarly to the sun. Infrared technology creates a direct heat source that isn't affected by room elements like fans or air conditioning.

Think about the shape and size of your fireplace. Horizontal recessed fireplace inserts are better for large spaces. Console units, vertical wall mounts, and plug-in logs are suitable for smaller areas.

Locating and Marking Wall Studs

Your electrician will start installing your recessed electric fireplace by using a stud finder to mark the wooden studs. Wall studs are vertical framing structures within the wall that can keep mounted structures in place.

Your licensed electrician will ensure that your wall mount isn't placed onto a load bearing wall that holds the weight of other structures above. Once the existing studs have been marked, additional measurements can be made for the adjustment of the fireplace wall.

Recessed electric fireplace inserts that require wall installation have additional measurements for a preliminary cardboard cutout. After marking the studs, a rough opening is made in the wall and then wood framing for the recessed fireplace is installed. It will be necessary to attach blocks between the wall studs to create a sturdy holding structure for the mounting brackets. Your electrician will refer to the owner's manual for the exact dimensions needed.

Mounting and Assembly

The assembly of your fireplace wall unit will depend on the specific instructions outlined within the included owner's manual. The electrician usually attaches the mounting brackets to the unit's back before adding decorations like driftwood, rocks, and crystals.

A level may be used to ensure the evenness of the side brackets before completing installation of the wall mount. A fireplace frame or glass panel may be installed after the fireplace has been mounted to the wall. A built-in unit can be mounted flush to an existing wall or attached with extra framing to a finished wall.

Electrical Connection

Before completing the install, any electrical cable attachment will be organized to fit within the fireplace opening. A standalone fireplace unit will need to be connected to a standard electrical outlet after placement. Most electric fireplaces that occupy higher wattage amounts will require a dedicated circuit for the most optimal energy usage.

Maintaining the Look of your Electric Fireplace

Carefully follow the recommendation within manufacturer's instructions booklet for the maintenance of your specific electric fireplace. General cleaning can be done with a dry cloth to wipe down external surface of the heater and the front glass panel.

Vacuum your electric fireplace outlets with a soft brush to prevent dust and debris buildup. In some models the internal fan can also be cleaned with a soft brush to remove any additional build up.

Enjoy the Ambiance

With the fireplace securely installed, it's time to add the finishing touches. Most electric fireplaces let you change settings like flame intensity and heating to suit your preferences. If your electric fireplace includes decorative elements like logs or crystals, arrange them to create an inviting display.

Once everything is set up, sit back and bask in the cozy ambiance of your newly installed electric fireplace. Your electric fireplace will make your living space cozy and offer a stunning visual focal point. Embrace the allure of an electric fireplace and create a haven of relaxation in your home today!

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