How To Extend Your Light Bulb's Lifespan

By Taylor Bickham Last Updated On 03/14/2019

Suspended light bulb with unique filament

Learning how to extend your light bulb's lifespan can enhance quite a few areas of your day-to-day life including:

  • financially
  • economically
  • decoratively

Take a look at these hacks to learn how to extend your bulb's lifespan.

Leave Them On!

Leaving your lights on can help to preserve its life. Because the bulb receives a burst of power every time it is turned on, leaving the bulb on lessens the amount of shock that the bulb endures.

Install Dimmers!

Installing dimmers is a super functional aspect to add to your home for not one but two reasons. On one hand, it is convenient to be able to switch the intensity of your lighting at any given moment. On the other hand, it conserves energy--especially if you intend on perpetually leaving your bulbs on to extend their lifespan. Not to mention, dimming your bulbs helps to lessen the cost of power, because of the amount of power use being reduced.

Switch to LED

LED lighting is an energy conscious alternative to your run-of-the-mill incandescent lightbulbs. They also have the longest lifespan out of any of your lighting options. LED lights use 80 percent less electricity, all while emitting the same amount of brightness.

Watt Did You Think?

How will you expand your light bulb's lifespan? Let us know!

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