How To Create A Greener Work Environment

Going green poses a great deal of benefits to mankind, wildlife, greenery and the planet we inhabit. Being environmentally conscious can be a significantly rewarding lifestyle choice for not only the environment, but your fiscal life, as well as your health. You can conduct yourself in a "greener" manner while you work with just a few simple changes.

Keep Used Coffee Grounds!

Don't throw away your used coffee grounds. They can be used to add nutrients to the soil in your office plants. Adding coffee grounds to soil is an organic addition that improves the soil's water retiention, drainage, and aeration. Not to mention, the microorganisms that are beneficial to the growth of plants tend to flourish when coffee grounds are repurposed.

Save The Trees, Reduce Paper Consumption!

Reduce the amount of paper you use by printing on both sides and recycling when you're finished. Be sure to utlilize file sharing services like Google Docs, One Drive, and Dropbox when possible, as this decreases the printing needing to be done. Minimizing the amount of paper we consume helps in saving forests and the animals that populate them.

Turn Off the Water!

Turning the water off while lathering your hands when washing them can help to reduce frivoulous water waste. Lessening water waste in turn helps reduce the amount of energy being used for pumping, heating, and treating water. Reducing energy usage depleats the amount of power plant emissions, which in turn helps to protect the air and prevent climate change.

Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Products!

Outside of the fact that non-toxic cleaners are a more cost-effective alternative to traditional cleaning products, they pose no threat should they seep into our water supply. Not to mention, they keep the air we breath nice and clean! Try some of these brands and make the switch today!

Layer Up!

Layering your clothing in a chilly office is the energy conservative alternative to turning the heat in your workplace up. Reducing the amount of heat being used can not only aid in saving energy but can also help save money on energy bills!

Utilizing these hacks can make for a greener office space. Join the HomElectrical team in our effort to make the world a greener place!

Taylor Bickham
Taylor Bickham

Taylor was inspired at a young age to embark on the path of creative writing. Her world view expanded while attending Savannah College of Art and Design, as she learned the endless job opportunities for creative writers. In a world in need of compelling creative and technical content, Taylor always answers the call.

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