How to Choose an LED Mirror

A fashionable and functional accessory to almost any bathroom or bedroom, LED mirrors deliver the light and style your space needs. Lighted mirrors give off efficient and even light that works great when getting ready in the morning. With both hanging and freestanding designs, you can add these mirrors almost anywhere. Not only for residential areas, but you can use them in commercial locations like beauty salons, dressing rooms, and hotel rooms. But how do you pick the right one for your space?

What is the purpose of an LED mirror?

LED lighted mirrors provide an even, uniform illumination which works well when applying makeup, shaving, doing a skin care routine, or performing other grooming tasks. LED mirrors use light strips or integrated LED lighting attached to the mirror itself, typically on the front or the back. Integrated LEDs provide light without the need for a bulb while others use bulbs or strips attached to the mirror.

You can also find mirrors that come with a demister or defogger to rid the mirror of fog. Some options also include a touch sensor that can turn the light on or off, switch on Bluetooth, or control the demister function.

LED mirrors differ from vanity lights. Vanity lights involve light fixtures that install either over the top or on the sides of the mirror. These fixtures can cast shadows across your face, which can make these grooming tasks more difficult.

Types of LED mirrors:

You can find lighted mirrors that emit light in different ways, such as backlit or edge-lit mirrors.

Backlit mirrors feature lighting that emits towards the back. They hang up on the wall and, when the light turns on, it bounces off of the wall, creating a stylish backlighting effect.

Edge-lit mirrors use lighting placed on the edge of the mirror. They emit light towards the front, eliminating shadows on your face.

Decide on the shape that matches your space:

Ultimately, the mirror you end up choosing comes down to personal style, but some styles can work better with your furniture than others. Consider the angles of the room where you plan to install it.

Square or rectangular mirrors provide traditional style that works well with less angular furniture. However, you can also find rectangular mirrors that feature rounded edges. These options, like round mirrors, work well in areas with more angles. Round mirrors work well for rooms with sharp, angular furniture. This contrasts the sharpness of the room and gives it visual variety. Round mirrors also offer a more modern appearance.

Freestanding mirrors, also known as full length mirrors, stand on their own, meaning they can install almost anywhere. They usually come in circular, square, or oval designs.

Choose a size:

Mirror shapes and sizes can greatly affect the appearance of the room. A too-small mirror can look lost in the space while a too-large mirror can appear overwhelming. While there is no hard-and-fast rule on how large or small the mirror should be, they should not extend past the vanity countertop.

In rooms outside the bathroom, mirrors can also work well for other purposes. For an accent or stylish decoration, a small mirror works well. But if you plan to use it as a focal point, a too-small mirror can appear lost against the empty space.

Large mirrors work well as a focal point in a room, either as a decoration or for functional purposes. A large mirror can make the room appear larger and more open as the light bounces off the glass and back into the space.

LED full length or freestanding mirrors should measure at least half your height in order to see the entire reflection, though they can stand taller.


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