HomElectrical’s "Go Green" Transition Begins

By kim_giesler on 09/06/2017

office building with cubicles

Since the move into the building in Kennesaw, Georgia, HomElectrical is working to make their building more energy efficient with the help of waste reduction processes and LED light technology. Their goal is to reduce energy consumption to increase their savings as well as reduce their carbon footprint.

The Little Changes

To begin with, the company replaced traditional toggle switches with motion sensor light switches. Motion sensor light switches were installed in the bathrooms and the office break room.These areas were chosen due to in-consistent use, and the high likelihood that these lights were most likely to be forgotten about and left on for extended periods of time.

The projected savings from cutting wasted electricity is as much as 30%!

toggle light switch next to motion light sensor

Another small change made to the office is found in the bathrooms. Along with motion sensors, the bathrooms were given energy efficient, automatic hand dryers to reduce energy and paper waste.

Hand dryers can save up to 95% of cost when compared with paper towel costs.

extreme are hand dryer in white

Helping make large energy improvements with small changes, traditional temperature thermostats to control the building’s HVAC were replaced with Nest thermostats. Not only are these thermostats Energy Star Certified, but they also feature locking and control via your smartphone. They automatically adjust to an energy saving temperature while you’re away and their LED screen remains off until a wave of the hand awakens it.

Heating savings, on average, can be 10% while cooling cost savings average at 15%.

black and silver nest thermostat with smartphone showing the app

The most recent change was retrofitting LED T8 tube lights to all troffer lighting. The original 32-watt fluorescent T8 tubes were removed, along with their ballasts to be replaced by 12-watt LED T8 tubes.

Switching from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting can save up to 85% in energy costs.

four t8 LED tubes lined up next to each other

With these little changes made to the office, energy savings are expected to be seen within a couple of months. Make sure you check back when we detail what savings we have seen from these changes, and to talk about our next energy saving update!