Happy Pi Day!

By Shakir Williams on 03/14/2018

national pi day 2018

March 14, 2018 -- Bring out your forks and bibs, it's Pi Day! Ok! We won't be having any pie today, but we will be celebrating the mathematical phenomenon Pi, also known as 3.14 or 22/7. This day is not only celebrated by the pie eaters of the world but by the lovers of science and mathematics around the world as well.

celebrate pi day 2018Pi is one of the most well-known contributions to the mathematical world and is used to measure the area and circumference of a circle or spherical object. The origins of this mathematical calculation dates far past ancient civilizations, especially to the Egyptians. Many religious texts also speak about the dimensions of a circle; however, the discovery of Pi was attributed to Greek philosopher, Archimedes.

The main phenomenon about pi is its ability to calculate infinitely precise circumference measurements. As computing technology has evolved, the infinite pi has been used by NASA's mathematicians, rocket scientists, aerospace engineers, and physicists to measure planet circumferences, understand space, and solve other interplanetary problems.


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