Go Green With Outdoor Lighting!

Does your yard or patio look a little dim? When thinking of new outdoor lighting ideas, why not go green at the same time? Use solar outdoor lights to liven up your yard and go green without installing costly solar panels. Solar lighting and the benefits increase every year, so make the switch now and improve your home’s energy efficiency. Many people are unfamiliar with the process of solar energy and the benefits, so we put together this list to help convince you to use solar lighting in your home.

How Solar Power Works

Solar power is one of the most popular sources of renewable energy, but how exactly does solar power work? The sun produces both light, known as photovoltaic energy, and warmth, known as solar thermal energy. Solar panels and mirrors harness this energy.

Two processes collect this energy and convert it into electricity.

In the first process, which solar outdoor lights use, photovoltaic solar cells convert sunlight into electricity through a process called photovoltaic effect. Through this process, certain materials free electrons and absorb photons, or light particles. This generates the electric current.

In the second process, used mostly for heating buildings, solar thermal collectors use mirrors or panels to absorb and focus the Sun’s heat. This heat gets transferred into a fluid and carried through pipes in buildings. Solar thermal collectors can also generate electricity.

You may worry that your solar outdoor light will not work in the dark or on cloudy days. While solar energy cannot be gathered at night, HomElectrical’s outdoor solar lights come equipped with a battery to store extra energy gathered on sunny days. Think of your light like a giant flashlight outside your home. These batteries can provide light for several days or nights without sun, and a motion sensor ensures you won’t waste its power. Since this light does not connect to the grid, your home will not only be more energy efficient, it will stay lit even during a blackout.

Environmental Benefits

Both inexhaustible and renewable, solar energy will never run out and naturally replenishes itself, unlike fossil fuels. Even simply replacing an outdoor light or two with a solar light reduces quite a bit of fossil fuel usage, while reducing carbon dioxide and pollutant emission. Cleaner and healthier air reduces conditions such as childhood asthma and even prevents premature deaths. As concerns about the environment become more pressing, you can help our planet by saving energy whenever you can. As you consider outdoor lighting ideas, factor in the environmental impact of your lighting.

Long Term Savings

Because solar outdoor lights don’t involve wiring, their installation costs stay lower compared to regular electric lighting. Just put it where the sun can reach, and there you go. HomElectrical’s solar lights use LED bulbs, which last longer than other types such as incandescent. The US Department of Energy considers them one of the most efficient types of light bulbs. You will not need to spend money constantly replacing a burnt-out bulb.

With savings on your fossil fuel usage comes savings on your energy bill. You save more money with solar lighting without compromising on brightness.

Don’t wait to go green! HomElectrical sells a wide range of solar powered outdoor LED lights, including wall lights, security lights, and floodlights at competitive retail prices!

Emily Klump
Emily Klump

Emily Klump is a recent graduate of Kennesaw State University, where she received her degree in English. As a content writer at HomElectrical, she uses her passions for reading, writing, and the Earth to share green products and lifestyle tips with the world. Emily occupies her spare time with a wide range of activities that vary from reading fantasy novels to camping under the stars.

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