Emergency & Exit Sign Lighting

Emergency & Exit Sign Lighting

Emergency Signs

Emergency Exit Sign Placement and Emergency Exit Protocol is not something we think about daily, if ever. The last thing on anyone’s mind during their work day is “What should I do in case of Emergency?” “Where do I go?” No one is ever truly prepared for an Emergency, and hopefully these events are few and far between.

Best case scenario is they never occur. If, by some chance they do happen, everyone can be rest assured to know the way out of danger by following the Emergency Exit Signs that are posted throughout the building. We all know these Exit Signs, and we have all seen them during our work week. They hang from a ceiling right by the door to the parking garage; they line the stairwell we walk up to the office- they even hang by our employee break room. We never pay attention to them during the hustle and bustle of our 9 to 5’s…until we need them.

Emergency Exit

Exit Signs


The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) state “All Exits shall be marked by a readily visible sign." Exit Signs are a required designation and exit access should be located with such Size, Color, Contrast and Design as to be visible in case of an Emergency. They must be clear of decorations, equipment which may impair visibility to means of an Exit. Access to exits must be marked by visible signs in all cases where the exit or way to reach it is not immediately visible to the occupants.

Consisting with any door passage, or stairway which is neither an exit nor a way of exit access, and which is so located or arranged as to be likely to be mistaken for an exit, shall be identified by a sign reading "Not an Exit" or similar designation, or shall be identified by a sign indicating its destination; examples include:

  • "To Break Room"
  • "Electrical Room"
  • "Machine Room”

Emergency Exit Signs

An Emergency Exit Sign, or similar designation, with an arrow indicating the directions, shall be placed in every location where the direction of travel to reach the nearest exit is not immediately apparent or as directed by local fire Marshall. Exit Signs must be properly illuminated by a reliable light source, with a minimum of 5 foot-candles on the illuminated surface. Ambient light sources giving illumination to Exit Signs other than the Electrical Emergency Exit signs must have screens, discs, or lenses of not less than 25 square inches area made of translucent material to confirm Contrast. Letters on Exit Signs must be legible not less than 6 inches high, with principal strokes of letters not less than three-forth of an inch wide.”

Emergency Signs

Homelectrical carries several Exit and Emergency Exit Signs to fit not only the décor and safety needs of your office, but due to low wattage usage, they are also very cost effective. We have fashionable L.E.D. lighted Exit Signs in White, Black or even Clear housings that come in both Red and Green lettering and are constantly illuminated, so no matter what event occurs (fire, power outage, flood or other natural disaster) you know you can find your way out of the office safely. All of Our Emergency Exit Lights, Exit Signs and L.E.D. Lights come with a dual ballast. The dual ballast runs on less than 3 watts of normal electrical power, and they also include a 90 minute battery backup. Should electrical power fail, the sign illuminates brightly to show you the best way out.

Dual Ballast

dual ballast

The biggest safety concern in an Emergency is the loss of light in dimly lit areas like stairwells, parking structures, and dark hallways. There is no need to fear darkness when you have one of Homelectrical’s combination Exit Sign and Emergency Light units. The adjustable, square or round 360 degree floodlights on either side of the Exit Sign illuminate even the darkest of areas and can be pointed in any direction to show everyone the clearest and safest way to exit. We have many variations on each of these products, from double sided ceiling mounts to multi- ballast units that can be hung from a wall or a ceiling. Contact our sales professionals to see what type of Emergency Exit product is the best fit for your needs!

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