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Have all the tools you need to be ready for your next wiring job. HomElectrical offers a full selection of wire connectors for all your wiring needs. Discover everything and anything from winged wire connectors to waterproof wire connectors to prevent short circuits or dangerous ground faults on your construction site. Browse through our selection of electrical supplies today!

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What is a Twist-On Grounding Wire Connector?

  • Designed for making ground connections and bonding non-metallic sheathed cable
  • Easy to remove and can be reused

What are Gorilla Wire Connectors?

  • Has a soft-over molded exterior
  • Protects your fingers from cracking, chapping, and nerve damage
  • Its wire ranges is one of the widest that is UL listed 

Why should I have Waterproof Wire Connectors?

  • Has a pre-filled twist-on wire for an easy connection
  • Keeps moisture and corrosion out
  • Usually completely filled with silicone sealant
  • Generally applied to low voltage outdoor lighting systems and other similar projects
  • Doesn't require heat-shrink or extra taping
  • Not reusable

What is a Twist-On Winged Wire Connector?

  • Feature wings that are designed to provide extra twisting leverage for easy installation and removal.
  • Perfect for any big projects that need multiple connectors
  • Can be reused in most cases

What is a Twist-On Wire Connector?

  • Twist-on wire connectors don't require pre-twisting wires.
  • They are ideal for making fast, easy connections.
  • Are easy to disconnect and can generally be reused

What do Wire Connectors do?

Wire connectors create tight connections between two or more electrical wires. They also prevent wires from coming into contact with other wires or exposed metal surfaces, which could cause ground faults or short circuits.

What is a Wire Connector?

A wire connector is a fastener used to make a tight connection between two or more electrical wires. They are usually made of flame-resistant materials.
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