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Wire Dispensers are the best tools to use for storing and dispensing cables and wires for wiring jobs. Whether you need wire dispensing for construction or residential work, we can help you find the best products possible. HomElectrical offers a wide selection of cable reels and wire spools at competitive prices for any job possible.

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What are Wire Dispenser?

Wire Dispensers can be described as objects that store or carry various types of industrial and commercial wires. Wire dispensers are a general term that includes reels and/or spools. The primary use of a wire spool is to prevent entanglement when transporting wires and cables. Cable reels or drums simplify the transport of electric cables, wiring products, and fiber optic cables. Reels, also known as drums, come in various sizes and shapes to meet a cable length requirement. Reels are typically movable but some cable reel are stationary allowing the wire to be dispensed through a rotary device. Spools are similar but are not unwound by a rotary device. The size and type of wire reel is important to the nature of the job.

How do wire dispensers work?

Cable Reels are used to store wires and cables without the possibility of entangling the materials. This usually involves wrapping the cables around a cylindrical object or rack. This allows the cable to be easily unwound. Taking the loose end of the cable and tugging softly causes the rack or spool to rotate, unwinding more cable for use.

To return the cable to the spool for storage, just re-wrap the cable around the central portion. If done properly, the cable should be ready for use later by gently tugging on the end of the cable.

Cable reels are constructed with amount of portability and usage in mind. For a travelling professional, a small sized or collapsible wire reel may work best. The ability to easily move the reel would be the most appealing feature in this case. Other examples include live connection reels, because they can connect to the cable without needing to be completely removed from the reel.

For long term storage, finding a drum with similar dimensions as your cable reel is important. Before considering a reel or drum, you should first find what type of wiring you wish to use. The type of wiring can narrow down the selection.

What kinds of Wire Spools and Cable Reels exist?

Reels and spools are made from four materials: Wood, Plywood, Plastic and Steel.

Wooden: have three purposes single-use exports, shipments abroad, and multi-use steel construction. Wooden reels are meant for heavier lengths of cables and wiring. Wooden reels are a great example of material re-use, because most wooden wire spools are made using cheap or with wood unsuitable for construction use. For this reason, wooden wire spools are a cheap option with other applications after all wiring has been dispensed. Wooden wire spools are often repurposed into cheap chairs or tables for residential buyers.

Fun fact: Although wooden spools are popularly used for furniture, the cheap materials used in the wood can lead to weather and termite damage.

Plywood: These single use reels are made of poplar ply or birch wood. These materials are lightweight but sturdy enough to carry lighter wiring. Plywood spools are cheaper compared to other spools types.

Plastic: Plastic Wire Reels are a more green-friendly because they are often made from recycled plastic. Made of plastic, these reels are lighter in nature and used for thinner wires.

Steel: Steel wire reels are made of much sturdier material than the other types but at a higher cost. In general, steel reels are welded to the floor but some drums can be broken down when not in use. Steel reels are made with reused materials for environmentally friendly use. Steel reels can be used more than once.

Fun fact: Steel reels are preferred in some industries despite their higher costs. Many are welded to the floor reducing the threat of theft.

Not all dispensers are drum shaped. Dispensers come in other forms such as racks, collapsible hooks for wall and floor use, and wire tubs. Rack-A-Tiers Wire Dispensers RAT-11455 can store multiple wire spools of different sizes at once. This genius invention is most commonly used for dispensing wire from spools but they can also be used as seats, carry-ons, and tool storage. Rack-A-Tiers Wire Dispensers have cable bars for holding spools and wires directly on the racks. If you were seeking a versatile dispenser for job sites browse HomElectrical for more Rack-A-Tiers products today!

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