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Ericson 6-ft Non-Metallic Box Cordset w/ Flip Covers, L14-30, 30A, 125V/250V
Ericson's 6-ft 30 amp non-metallic box cordset with L14-30 2520-PW6P input plug is rated for 125V/250V installation and comes with secure deluxe wire mesh strain relief grip for cord and pull-out protection. Explore more at HomElectrical today!
Ericson 100-ft Industrial Perma-Link Cord, SOW, 1512-P & 1612-C, 12/3 AWG
Ericson's 100 foot Perma-Link Industrial cord is great for environments with heavy-duty use. These wiring devices are weather and dirt resistant, and can handle a multitude of chemicals across varying degrees. Buy products from now!
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